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ERDI’s first CrossFit sponsored athlete

ERDI is proud to announce its first sponsored CrossFit athlete, South east regional competitor Brian Rottman.


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Thowback September

At our last SDI/TDI/ERDI Marketing meeting here at Headquarters, we were inspired to dedicate next month’s content theme to Throwbacks.


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August 2014 – Important Insurance Update

Last night we received a fax from Willis Insurance noting they will be discontinuing the Recreational Scuba Diving Insurance Program. This is unfortunate news, as we had a long standing relationship with Peter Meyer and Barb Beauchemin for the last … Continue reading »

Technology Your Public Safety Dive Team Needs

Teams today have capabilities and support structures that far exceed dive teams of the past. Technology can eliminate some of the busy work, frustration, and extensive hands-on searching that divers were once required to perform.


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From Training to Operations

ERDI and Buck Buchannan of Dive911 provide a local dive team with the necessary training to search and recover a submerged vehicle in less than 15 minutes.


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How to Convince Your Supervisor You Need ERDI Training

All leaders overseeing public safety organizations recognize and understand the topic of liability, and ERDI training can help any team improve and protect itself.


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Signs and Symptoms of Decompression Sickness

A brief discussion of decompression sickness (DCS) symptoms, as well as, how to prevent and immediate treatment.


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Survivor or Statistic… Which One are You?

Knowing that we are going to have some sort of equipment malfunctions, environmental/navigation emergencies, and will just simply make mistakes at some point in our technical diving careers, how do we avoid becoming a diving fatality statistic?


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5 Things Your Instructor Would Love for You to do Before Class…

Class preparation is a vital part of your overall learning experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your course by showing up prepared and ready to learn.


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Scuba Fails

We asked you to send us your Scuba Fails, and this what you sent in…

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