The Dirtiest Job

by Don Heres: The Water Looks OK. Are You Willing To Stake Your Life On It? Riding in the passenger seat of the truck pulling the dive team’s equipment trailer always gives you a chance to (somewhat) relax and plan … Continue reading »

Are You Prepared to go to Court?

by Thomas Powell: In March of 2014, a simulated body recovery exercise near the east coast of North Carolina brought a concern to light for many dive teams that do not involve sworn law enforcement divers. On the day of … Continue reading »

Crime Scene Management and the Dive Team’s Role

by Patrick S. O’Boyle: It’s too often that many of us on public safety dive teams as third (3rd) responders arrive well into rescue operations associated with a submerged incident. Those who are part of integrated municipal departments may not … Continue reading »

Helitrox for PS Diving – Clear Head, Clear Mind in Deep Recoveries?

by Thomas Powell In the public safety world, gas fills can become complicated. Fire stations must follow OSHA regulations, and fill station operators require training that is not required in standard dive shop environments. If a person were to speak … Continue reading »

ERDI Divers Honored with the Medal of Meritorious Service

The Medal of Meritorious Service was bestowed upon two Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) Instructors, Mike Franklin and Dale Autry, by Oklahoma’s oldest law enforcement organizaion: the Oklahoma Sherrif’s and Peace Officers Association (OSPOA) on February 21, 2014. This prestigious … Continue reading »

ERD Instructor Workshop for the Virginia Port Authority

Please welcome our new instructors from the Virginia Port Authority class: Frank White, Steven Curry, George Yates, Fred Simpson, Bryan Miers, Brian Decker, Danny Turnquist, Mark Robinson, Michael Derwent, Russell Dunton, Steve Callow, Steven Dooley, Terry Chambers, Todd Day, Wallace … Continue reading »

Surface Supplied Air Event with US Border Patrol and Phoenix Police

by Shawn Harrison In February I had the pleasure of being invited to sunny Arizona in order to attend an event that the US Border Patrol (USBP) and Phoenix Police Department (PPD) where holding. Both teams were conducting a joint … Continue reading »

Hypothermia: It’s All a Matter of Degrees

In the real world of public safety diving, there is no single definition of what constitutes “cold water.” Defining cold water is difficult because it depends on so many factors, i.e., the water temperature, the diver’s size, amount of subcutaneous … Continue reading »

The Importance of Witness Interviews for a Recovery Dive

How many times have we wished we had performed the witness interviews differently after the search? Recently I was asked to help out with the recovery of an ice fisherman that went through the ice with his UTV. A UTV … Continue reading »

Educating Public Safety Dive Teams Year Around at Air Hogs Scuba

Most divers seem to believe that the winter months of the year are a time to relax by the fire and enjoy time indoors. Conversely, a small number of divers realize this is the perfect time of year to prepare … Continue reading »