Funding Your Public Safety Dive Team

Tough economic times confront all law enforcement agencies and EMS departments, but grants, private organizations and social media fundraising offer viable alternatives for budget-challenged departments.

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Serving My Country & Community

Public safety diving is a good fit for veterans transitioning from military careers. Veterans returning from the nation’s longest military deployment in Afghanistan and other Middle East countries face an uncertain transition to civilian life. More than 21.4 million vets increased the country’s workforce in 2013, and competition for jobs becomes intense for these returning heroes.

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Veteran’s Passion Re-ignited by PS Diving

I started diving in the Navy. Then for a couple of years, I dove as a recreational diver. It was not until I got into public safety diving that I found a real passion for what I was doing. Why is this particular dive center and PS diving so important to me?

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Origin of Rebreathers & Underwater Warriors

In war men fight. Ships sink. When men learned how to extend their time underwater to salvage sunken vessels it was their nature to consider the concept of an underwater warrior.

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Medal of Honor Awarded to Peoria Firefighters

This fire gear was worn by Peoria Fire Engineer Chance Barlow during a rescue at a burning house. The second floor of the house was on fire, and two children were trapped in a bedroom. Engineer Barlow, along with Captain Dave Clarke, and Firefighter Joey Camp, crawled through thick smoke on the ground floor, stairway, and second floor, and found the two children…

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The Dirtiest Job

Today’s op however, is the type of call every responder dreads. Seven days ago, the five year old son of a prominent citizen disappeared while riding his bike around the neighborhood. Until today, there had been no clues as to his whereabouts.

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Are You Prepared to go to Court?

A court room can be a scary place. A defense attorney may seek to ruin a diver’s credibility, or find issues related to operational procedures. No dive team member wants to let the “bad guy” get away, or harm the credible image of his or her dive team.

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Crime Scene Management and the Dive Team’s Role

The management of the “crime scene” needs to be addressed from the dive team perspective, either by the third party agency or an integrated municipal department. This scene management needs to be part of any team’s training regimen

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Helitrox for PS Diving – Clear Head, Clear Mind in Deep Recoveries?

In the public safety world, gas fills can become complicated. Fire stations must follow OSHA regulations, and fill station operators require training that is not required in standard dive shop environments. If a person were to speak to most current dive team leaders in the United States, they would insist that mixed gasses of any sort, and even basic nitrox, are not allowed in public safety diving programs.

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ERDI Divers Honored with the Medal of Meritorious Service

The Medal of Meritorious Service was bestowed upon two Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) Instructors, Mike Franklin and Dale Autry, by Oklahoma’s oldest law enforcement organizaion: the Oklahoma Sherrif’s and Peace Officers Association (OSPOA) on February 21, 2014. This prestigious … Continue reading »