Hypothermia: It’s All a Matter of Degrees

In the real world of public safety diving, there is no single definition of what constitutes “cold water.” Defining cold water is difficult because it depends on so many factors, i.e., the water temperature, the diver’s size, amount of subcutaneous … Continue reading »

The Importance of Witness Interviews for a Recovery Dive

How many times have we wished we had performed the witness interviews differently after the search? Recently I was asked to help out with the recovery of an ice fisherman that went through the ice with his UTV. A UTV … Continue reading »

Educating Public Safety Dive Teams Year Around at Air Hogs Scuba

Most divers seem to believe that the winter months of the year are a time to relax by the fire and enjoy time indoors. Conversely, a small number of divers realize this is the perfect time of year to prepare … Continue reading »

Evolution of Public Safety Dive Training

In a time not so long ago (at least to me) in the growing pains of the middle 1980’s, the Public Service Diver was soon to be thrust into evolution. At this time in my diving endeavors, if you owned … Continue reading »

PS Diver Training – The whole team concept

In the public and Hollywood perception, the hero is the lone Officer, Firefighter or Good Samaritan that saves the day and carries the child or kitten to safety. And though we may be either volunteer or career divers it was … Continue reading »

National Fire Agency Training Center – Taiwan

In April 2013, ERDI was invited to conduct ERD I and ERD II training at the National Fire Agency Training Center in Nantou County, Taiwan. Administered under the Ministry of Interior, the training center campus encompasses over 7 km²/2.7 sq … Continue reading »

Underwater Explosives – Live ordinance removal in Bosnia and Croatia

Following the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, war erupted among several factions including the Republic of Bosnia – Herzegovina, Bosnian Serbs, Croatian and Serbian entities. During the conflict which lasted from 1992 thru nearly the end of 1995 when the … Continue reading »

Underwater communications are essential to good teamwork

By Steven M. Barsky If there is one thing that is essential to working effectively underwater, it’s teamwork. And, to work as a cohesive unit, everyone in your team must effectively communicate, both topside and underwater. While you can get … Continue reading »

I’m a Tender, You’re a Tender, Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Tender Too?

By Mark Phillips A family of 3 is murdered. The killer eludes the police and manages to get rid of the weapon used by tossing it off of a bridge. A suspect is eventually apprehended and he confesses to the … Continue reading »

Public Safety Buoyancy

Public Safety divers spend a lot of time practicing search patterns, signals, evidence collection and team safety.  Each one of these skills and techniques are very important part of a safe and successful mission. Have you ever thought about what … Continue reading »