The Difference in Rescue and Recovery Diving

Diver and Tender Working Together As public safety dive (PSD) teams evolve and mature, so do the response time and amount of on scene set up required to get into the water. Just like any team, the more you work … Continue reading »

Far from Alone: You Have Tether, etc…

Every diver is taught from the beginning of training that the buddy system is the most reliable way to get you out of a bad situation and, for the most part, this works very well. Public safety divers don’t always … Continue reading »

Self Sufficient: “Taking Care of Number One”

Recently in a discussion about solo diving and how it fits or doesn’t fit into recreational diving, a colleague mentioned that public safety divers were far removed from solo diving, given that PSD divers have the support of a team, … Continue reading »

Diver Rescues Semi-Conscious Fellow Diver

A scuba diver who swam down to rescue a semi-conscious fellow diver has received a bravery award at Buckingham Palace. Steven Barnard, 30, from Brynsiencyn, Anglesey, was presented with a Royal Humane Society silver medal, one of the UK’s highest … Continue reading »

Night Diving with Surface-Supplied Diving Systems

by Steven M. Barsky Surface-supplied diving gear is one of the safest types of diving systems available to the properly trained public safety diver. The benefits of a hard-wired communication system with an unlimited air supply cannot be denied. It’s … Continue reading »

Knowledge Does Not Have To Be Lost

I used to be a flooring contractor. As a firefighter, I had to have a part time job to make ends meet. We did custom work for around 17 years. Now it physically hurts me too much to do the … Continue reading »

A Brief History of Underwater Lighting Equipment

In a perfect world, all underwater operations for public safety dive teams would take place in crystal-clear water with perfectly brilliant ambient light. Perhaps in that perfect world, many of the tasks carried out by PSD teams would also be … Continue reading »

Lights for Public Safety Diving

When we think back over the years about dive equipment technology regarding some of the innovations and changes, the advances made with lighting technology are remarkable. From “housing” some lights decades ago to the current technology of LED and extremely … Continue reading »

What Diver Rescue Personnel Need to Know

Dangers that rescue personnel may face in and around flood water, still water, moving water, swift water, whitewater and low water. Recently, the vast majority of the continental United States has been experiencing drought like conditions. Last year we were … Continue reading »

Who’s Tracking Your Air? – The Role of a Dive Tender

As new divers we are taught that the person responsible for the air you have left is YOU and under no circumstances is it anybody else. Well, this rationale does not stop at the sport level. When a diver progresses … Continue reading »