SCUBA vs. Surface Supplied Air

It is safe to say that the majority of public safety dive teams train using Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) equipment. The training for SCUBA is readily accessible and the equipment relatively inexpensive. SCUBA is also easy to maintain … Continue reading »

Public Safety Dive or Salvage Dive

Let’s face it; public safety divers are called out to do all kinds of strange things. Why, because the people in the community (and the other departments) know that PS Divers work in some of the worst conditions and have … Continue reading »

A Visit to the Czech Republic and their Public Safety Dive Team

One of the many benefits of working in the diving industry is you get to travel to some amazing places and meet even more amazing people. During our Czech Republic trip we did just that. In the early spring of … Continue reading »

Getting Rigged for Deep Diving…

A different perspective for Public Safety Dive Teams By far the majority of jobs for Public Safety Dive Teams are carried out in shallow water. Certainly it may be muddy, polluted, swiftly moving and otherwise extremely hazardous, but the added … Continue reading »

What is an Acceptable Depth for a Public Safety Diver?

A question that is batted around on public safety diver forums, meetings and general discussions is ‘what is an acceptable or maximum depth for a PS diver?’ If only there was a straight forward answer to this question. In order … Continue reading »

Public Safety Dive Team Workshop by ERDI and DUI – August 10, 2012 at Lighthouse Park in Mukilteo, WA

After the incredible success of the Public Safety Dive Team Workshop events in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, ERDI is very happy to be involved in the upcoming events on August 10, 2012 in Mukilteo, WA at Lighthouse Park. Come join ERDI, … Continue reading »

Dive Team SOP

I recently bumped into an old friend who is still in public safety on the volunteer level after a career as a firefighter. The volunteer fire department of his community also had an organized dive team and my friend was … Continue reading »

Blending Programs for Public Safety Dive Teams

A very brief, and admittedly unscientific, poll of a few PSD team leaders from the North East turned up an interesting conundrum: Using Nitrox as a breathing gas has several recognized benefits for working divers, but several PSD teams cannot … Continue reading »

Costs of Using Nitrox for Public Safety Dive Teams

Nitrox has been a key component to many technical divers’ scuba routine for over 2 decades now and, once most of the “voodoo gas” myths were dispelled, nitrox has been more than favorably received by the sport diving community as … Continue reading »

Public Safety Divers Dive Safer with Nitrox

The benefits of diving with nitrox have long been known, but have they been applied to public safety diving (PSD)? We don’t think they have. A quick look at some of the benefits: Reduced nitrogen uptake Increased safety margins (when … Continue reading »