Underwater Explosives – Live ordinance removal in Bosnia and Croatia

Following the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, war erupted among several factions including the Republic of Bosnia – Herzegovina, Bosnian Serbs, Croatian and Serbian entities. During the conflict which lasted from 1992 thru nearly the end of 1995 when the … Continue reading »

Underwater communications are essential to good teamwork

By Steven M. Barsky If there is one thing that is essential to working effectively underwater, it’s teamwork. And, to work as a cohesive unit, everyone in your team must effectively communicate, both topside and underwater. While you can get … Continue reading »

I’m a Tender, You’re a Tender, Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Tender Too?

By Mark Phillips A family of 3 is murdered. The killer eludes the police and manages to get rid of the weapon used by tossing it off of a bridge. A suspect is eventually apprehended and he confesses to the … Continue reading »

Public Safety Buoyancy

Public Safety divers spend a lot of time practicing search patterns, signals, evidence collection and team safety.  Each one of these skills and techniques are very important part of a safe and successful mission. Have you ever thought about what … Continue reading »

The Most Contaminated Dive: Recovering Human Remains

It’s a late Thursday evening, the shift operator at the local sewage plant notices something floating in the first settling pond. Upon closer investigation he discovers that it is a hand… A human hand that still has a ring on … Continue reading »

Because Miracles Happen

By Mark Phillips Are you ready for a challenge? This is not a challenge to train or accomplish a specific task. You don’t get a coin if you finish. This challenge issued to you is much more than that. The … Continue reading »

Dive Rescue Team: An Interview with the Dive Captain

Name: Sean Hidalgo From: Stockton CA Work: City of Stockton Fire Department ERDI: Thanks for taking time from your day to talk with us about your experience in Public Safety Diving.  Lets get right into it Sean and tell me … Continue reading »

Emergency Diving, an interview with a Public Safety Diver

ERDI called Grady Weston to ask him what it’s like to be a Public Safety Diver. Below is the transcript from that call. ERDI – Hello Grady, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.  Before … Continue reading »

Testifying in Court, new ERDI online course is here

Thousands of people testify in hearings worldwide every day and potentially millions throughout the year. Avoid some of the pitfalls that come with testifying in court, with Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) new awareness program, Testifying In Court. For some, … Continue reading »

Confined Spaces and the Emergency Response Diver

Training, Training and then Train Confined Space Dive has so many variables as to a definition, as it relates to public safety diving. Certainly one aspect that is common to a definition is not being able to make a direct … Continue reading »