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3 Reasons Your Mask Leaks

Three topics will be covered that may assist a diver with mask leakage issues: hair, mask size, and mask quality.


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“…I Don’t Decompression Dive”

As sport divers cruising the coral reef or seeking out the best site for underwater photography, we tend to lose sight of the fact that we are on-gassing —or absorbing nitrogen into our tissues—as we dive.


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What is Marketing?

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The Current State of SEO

In 2015, SEO is about creating a complete experience that draws attention and makes your business stand out from competitors.


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Effective Preparation for Every Dive

So often, when thinking of dive preparation, the diver may limit his or her self to pre-dive gear packing and the planning discussion that goes on during the ride to the dive site. However, if someone is to be truly prepared, there is much to do long before the day of the dive.


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Dive Computers – A Beginners Buying Guide

At the top of your list is purchasing what your instructor may have said was the most important piece of dive gear you could own – a dive computer.


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Do You Call Your Dive Shop Home?

Dive shops not only provide areas with equipment, service, training, travel and rentals but most importantly, dive shops provide community.


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3 Conversation Starters Among Scuba Divers

What makes for good fun conversation over a cold beverage after a day of diving?


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Beginners Guide to Buying Your Mask, Fins, and Snorkel

These items are the basic tools that help a diver get started, but they are also critically important with regard to comfort and happiness.


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3 Tips for Diving Nitrox Safely

The best way to prepare and plan is to follow three core tips when diving Nitrox. 1. Analyze 2. Label 3. Set Computer


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