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Open Water Certified, Now What?

There is so much out there with continuing education, sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to choose what the next steps should be. A lot of it may also depend on the region you live in and what your local dives may entail. The bottom line is… the adventure has just started.

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The “Perfect” Trim

by Lauren Kieren: Keep your head up, look forward! Stop slouching! Pull your shoulders back! Believe it or not, this is not your mother or grade school teacher reminding you to perfect your body posture and look presentable. However, they … Continue reading »

Wreck Diving Solves Archaeological Mystery

by Tamara Thomsen: On November 2, 1905 the goliath, wooden steamer Appomattox attempted to navigate into the harbor at Milwaukee’s North Point through fog and smoke so dense that the ship was enveloped in darkness. For nearly two weeks efforts … Continue reading »

Dive Back in the Water

by Joshua Norris: At any given point throughout the day, there is a dive shop employee hearing a story that is repeated time and time again. An individual will walk in or call and start a conversation by explaining “I … Continue reading »

Nitrox – When to Dive It

by Cris Merz: The fantastic stories about voodoo gas seem to have mellowed out a little in the last 20 years. From, “It’ll kill you” to “You will have soooo much energy after the dive”, it never ceases to amaze … Continue reading »

How To: Label Your Nitrox Tank

Any time you fill a tank with nitrox, it must be identified as such. This will help to prevent accidents in the event that someone uses a tank filled with nitrox without taking the proper precautions. Continue reading »

Don’t Trust Your Gas Blender – Analyze Every Tank

by Jon Kieren People make mistakes, it’s human nature. I make them all the time. I’m sure that even after this article has been edited several times and published someone out there will find at least a couple of typos … Continue reading »

Nitrox Diver – It’s all academic

Going down the path of our organization’s history we have heard numerous times, “Why are you doing it this way?” “Hey, we don’t do things like that, we do it like this.” Nitrox was a course that originally required a … Continue reading »

Ice Diving for Fish Hooks

By Steve Lewis When I mentioned to a friend that I was writing a short article for TDI about diving under ice, she asked where I’d be writing about. She has known me long enough to have heard about “cold-water … Continue reading »

Sub Zero vs. Sub Tropic, You Decide

We posed the same questions to an ice diver and a tropical diver, here’s what we got… 1. How do you prep for a dive? (ICE) First we have to check thickness of ice and make sure it is safe … Continue reading »