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Discover Cavern Diving

Imagine a laser light show at a Pink Floyd concert and place that image underwater. Picture light beams piercing through the water lighting up the bottom contour. You may or may not have “Shine On” stuck inside your head but … Continue reading »

Cave Diving and the Dangers without Proper Training

“More than 300 divers – including open water instructors — have died in caves just like this one. Prevent your death. Go no further.” Now, I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but when I was a fledgling open water … Continue reading »

Santa Barbara Film Festival to Honor Ernie Brooks

Ernest H. Brooks II (Ernie to all who know him) is one of the legends of underwater photography. The son of Ernest H. Brooks, who was the founder of Brooks Institute of Photography, Ernie grew up in Santa Barbara with … Continue reading »

SDI’s Rescue Diving Course Goes Digital

SDI launches Rescue Diver online. This marks the 21st diving course offered in their eLearning platform, allowing divers to complete the academic portion of the Rescue Diving certification online. “It’s often said that the best lifeguards don’t have to make … Continue reading »

Rescue Diver: The Most Rewarding Training in Diving

Whether you dive once a year while on vacation or are on your way to becoming a dive professional, the Rescue Diver course is most likely the most beneficial course you will ever take.  It will change the way you … Continue reading »

Do You Know Where Your Recompression Chamber Is?

When diving on our own without the use of a charter operator, we sometimes do not do enough research on our own, if any at all, to find out what we need to do, who to call or where to … Continue reading »

How to think like a Rescue Diver

It’s often said, “The best Rescue Divers never have to make any rescues.”  True Rescue Divers have the ability to recognize potential problems and get involved before they evolve into actual problems. What allows a Rescue Diver to think this … Continue reading »

Divemaster – The Best Job in the World

You know you made the right career path when “down time” at work consists of snorkeling with dolphins during an hour long surface interval with your customers… There is no doubt that Divemasters (DM) are known to have the ultimate … Continue reading »

Divemaster – Roll Call and One Diver Short

It’s every dive professional’s worst nightmare: you come up from a great dive and it’s all smiles until you realize someone is missing. The initial sinking feeling in your gut is almost indescribable, but it’s important to keep a cool … Continue reading »

Divemaster – Supervising a Recreational Boat Dive

Most dive professionals may have had the privilege of using their Divemaster rating to work on a boat someplace interesting, either a day boat or a live aboard. Managing divers, working the dive deck of a boat and conducting safe … Continue reading »