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The World’s Best Dive

Dive instructors are often faced with many questions put forth by both excited new students and experienced divers. One question that seems to pop up regularly is, “what is the best dive in the world?”

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What the… Is a #Hashtag?

The diving industry has changed dramatically over the last 25 years. Unfortunately, if you do not keep up with how an industry or any business for that matter is evolving – you will get left behind. It is the intent of this article to educate some of our more distinguished members about one of the new emerging trends in our ever-changing social media world.

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Can You Imagine Diving NYC? #risingsealevels

Dived Brooklyn Bridge today. Not a very pleasant experience really. So many dive boats trying to tie-up at same time. We waited 20 minutes to get into the water. #trafficjambrooklyn

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My First Encounter with a Shark – #ChangeMyShorts

“The day of the dive is a day that will remain imprinted in my memory forever. I still remember the sharp, salty tang of the ocean…”

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Advanced Certified or #AdvancedDiver

The first question you need to ask yourself is, am I getting advanced certified so I can show my “advanced card” or so I can truly be a more capable diver?


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Diving from #MyBuddysBoat

As divers, it’s hard to imagine a better summer day than hanging out on your buddy’s boat, doing a little diving, maybe a little fishing, and just relaxing enjoying the sunshine. When all goes well, it’s the perfect way to spend a day out of the office, but what about when it hits the fan?

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5 Things you can practice on every dive – #AlwaysLearning

Here are five tips you should do on every dive whether you dive every day or once a year. – #AlwaysLearning

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Top 5 Misconceptions of Divers – #DiveLife

For some of us diving has transformed from a hobby into a lifestyle, for others, it remains a tropical delight or an epic adventure to check off their bucket list.

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Tips & Tricks for a Successful Drift Dive

Drift diving is like flying underwater. When you are soaring along the bottom contour, neutrally buoyant, guided by a gentle current, watching the marine life; it gives you a perspective of the underwater world that is difficult to obtain any other way. So what should you consider before drift diving? Continue reading »

How to Stay Out of Deco for Deep Dives

Diving is a unique sport that can capture the hearts and interests of people of all sorts. For many, the urge to go further, learn more, and in some cases go deeper, will keep divers in the water. The problem with this mindset is, some people may push too hard, or go too far out of excitement or even bravado. These factors suggest that any and all recreational divers, at any level, must remember that one of our biggest objectives is to avoid decompression requirements unless we plan for them. Venturing beyond your no decompression limit (NDL) is a risk that any diver faces if he or she does not monitor instruments and the overall situation.

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