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How To: Label Your Nitrox Tank

Any time you fill a tank with nitrox, it must be identified as such. This will help to prevent accidents in the event that someone uses a tank filled with nitrox without taking the proper precautions. Continue reading »

Don’t Trust Your Gas Blender – Analyze Every Tank

by Jon Kieren People make mistakes, it’s human nature. I make them all the time. I’m sure that even after this article has been edited several times and published someone out there will find at least a couple of typos … Continue reading »

Nitrox Diver – It’s all academic

Going down the path of our organization’s history we have heard numerous times, “Why are you doing it this way?” “Hey, we don’t do things like that, we do it like this.” Nitrox was a course that originally required a … Continue reading »

Ice Diving for Fish Hooks

By Steve Lewis When I mentioned to a friend that I was writing a short article for TDI about diving under ice, she asked where I’d be writing about. She has known me long enough to have heard about “cold-water … Continue reading »

Sub Zero vs. Sub Tropic, You Decide

We posed the same questions to an ice diver and a tropical diver, here’s what we got… 1. How do you prep for a dive? (ICE) First we have to check thickness of ice and make sure it is safe … Continue reading »

SDI, TDI and ERDI Celebrate 20 years of scuba training innovation

The world’s largest technical diving training agency celebrates 20 years of innovation. In 1994, Bret Gilliam, David Sipperly and Mitch Skaggs created Technical Diving International (TDI) as a solution to implementing training in specialized diving situations that exceeded the limits … Continue reading »

SDI Scuba Discovery for local Boy Scouts

On December 7th, 2013, Air Hogs Scuba in Garner, NC, took on a mission that many scuba facilities outside certain organizations do not realize is available as an opportunity. That mission was to conduct an SDI Scuba Discovery program for … Continue reading »

eLearning; The ground breaking move that evolved the diving industry

Back in 2000, we looked for a way in which we could offer our academics to the consumer that would take them outside of the classroom. In 1960, the University of Illinois initiated a classroom system with linked computer terminals … Continue reading »

Dive Computers – How taking a leap can change the game

In 1998, Scuba Diving International was born out of the success of its sister agency, Technical Diving International. The no nonsense approach that made TDI such a hit with both instructors and students alike was immediately replicated in a bold … Continue reading »

A fast recovery in the Philippines; The Diving is Great!

As most of you know, Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines two weeks ago. While we won’t get into the “weather stats” of the storm, many experts say that Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy pale in comparison. Some of the islands … Continue reading »