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SDI’s Rescue Diver eLearning Course is Coming June 3, 2013

In an effort to continue to provide our members with the most up to date materials, using our customized elearning platform, SDI is happy to announce the next addition to eLearning will be Rescue Diver. This is a great course … Continue reading »

Traveling With a Rebreather

With airlines tightening luggage restrictions, packing for a dive trip is hard enough with just recreational gear and traveling with a rebreather adds another level of difficulty. What to bring, how to pack it, will the dive center have everything … Continue reading »

Sam and Sally Panicked Underwater

Panic – A sudden overwhelming fear (with or without cause) that produces hysterical or irrational behavior, anxiety, confusion and often causes wildly unthinking behavior. We’re going to review a panic scenario, how it was handled and the outcome, as well … Continue reading »

Constant PO2: What Is It, and How Is It Different than Nitrox?

In order to understand how constant PO2 in a closed circuit rebreather differs from diving nitrox, we need a quick refresher on physiology. Our bodies respond to the partial pressure of oxygen (PO2), the gas that we breathe, as opposed … Continue reading »

Silent Diving Photography: The Benefits of No Bubbles

Imagine finding the perfect subject to take pictures of while diving: you get your camera ready, settings are in place, you’re getting closer, and you are ready to capture this ideal image in front of you… then you exhale a … Continue reading »

Rebreathers—Are They for Me?

by Jeffrey Bozanic “I’m just a regular scuba diver… what would I want a rebreather for? They are for tech divers!” I hear that all the time. Yes, rebreathers are great tools for tech divers. You can dive deeper, stay … Continue reading »

The Sidemount Diver: an Interview with Pete Nawrocky

SDI sat down with avid sidemount diver and instructor Pete Nawrocky with Dive Rite to discuss how and why divers get involved in Sidemount Diving. SDI – How long have you been diving? Pete – I started diving in 1971 … Continue reading »

Sidemount is Not Just for Tech – Benefits to Recreational Divers

If ever there was a practice in diving where the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” fit, it would be sidemount diving. Sidemount is essentially an equipment configuration that requires minor adjustments to diving practices. With that said, a … Continue reading »

Giving Back to Diving

One of more enjoyable aspects of diving that I discovered was paying it forward and giving back to an activity that I so enjoyed, and the opportunity to share the experience with others. Sharing the experience also provides to you, … Continue reading »

5 Reasons to Dive Florida this Winter

Cold? Come on down, the water is great! Between the reefs, wrecks, caverns, and springs, Florida’s diverse diving offers something for everyone, making it a great option for a quick getaway this winter. Here’s a few of our favorite spots. … Continue reading »