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Backpacking scuba in SE Asia

My task was to travel through SE Asia and see some of the world’s most beautiful locations, land and sea, and to do it on a small budget. Armed with just a small pack of gear, a minuscule amount of … Continue reading »

Carpe Divem: Seize the Dive

Yeah yeah we KNOW its cliché, but seriously, enjoy the dive you’re on. That’s why you’re in the water to begin with, right? Because you love it? There’s no bigger buzz kill on a dive boat or at a dive … Continue reading »

Nobody goes to a hyperbaric chamber by choice – right? Wrong!

TDISDI led a group of technical and recreational divers on a chamber ride, by choice. Our goal: to reduce anxiety about the need for a chamber ride and to experience Narcosis in a fun adventuresome manner. Some even said – … Continue reading »

Pre-dive safety check in 5 steps

Prior to entering the water for a dive, it’s essential to go through a predive safety check with your buddy. A number of things could happen to your scuba equipment from the moment you assembled your gear to the moment … Continue reading »

Diving Etiquette – don’t be “that guy” (or gal)

by Jon Kieren There is one on every dive boat, you know… “That Guy”.  The one who tries every possible way to ruin your hard earned, well deserved, fun and relaxing dive trip. We’ve asked our members for a list … Continue reading »

Finding a Good Dive Buddy

Article written by Kevin Favreau If you have been diving in the last several years, you’ve no doubt engaged in some form of teamwork while diving. The current standard being taught to new divers is still the buddy system. So … Continue reading »

The Importance of Buoyancy Skills

Whether you are a brand new certified diver or an experienced diver, you’ve undoubtedly heard the topic of buoyancy discussed. No, it’s not the name of a newly discovered creature off the coast of Indonesia. Nor is it the newest … Continue reading »

The Art of Buoyancy – Controlling Your Ascent and Descent

In a way, diving can be compared to flying an airplane; the hardest part is taking off and landing.  This is true for diving as well; the ascents and descents are often what cause people the most trouble.  Once you’re … Continue reading »

Buoyancy Check in 4 simple steps

A diver should be properly weighted for every dive; using only the amount of weight that is required to increase overall comfort in the water allowing them to easily become neutrally buoyant; increasing overall enjoyment while diving. You might be … Continue reading »

Managing the quick recovery of drifting divers

SDI/TDI Dive Centre Mike and Ball Dive Expeditions are to be congratulated on a recent Case Study by the Queensland Workplace Health & Safety Department on ‘Managing the quick recovery of drifting divers”. Through their innovative and proactive approach to … Continue reading »