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“Exosuit” Diving the Antikythera Wreck

Having just returned from Woods Hole near Boston where I completed my Exosuit pilot training with three other team members, things are now really getting exciting for our return to Antikythera in September of this year. We plan to use the Exosuit (the latest manifestation of the 1 atmosphere diving suit) to locate, rig and lift the deep water objects and to also excavate and work the heavier tasks on the original wreck site.

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Deep Diving is an Experience, Not Just a Number

While some divers want to set private or universal depth records, most divers choose to go deeper for the experience. They may be seeking to discover what exists at depth, or they may want to see a wreck that sits outside of recreational diving limits. The truth of the matter is, actual depth is often not the real objective. Instead, depth is a factor the diver must understand and recognize during planning. Divers who love this sport focus on the experience, not just a number.

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Speeding up Decompression – Tips & Tricks

The reality is that an individual cannot reduce decompression stop times without altering a dive plan. To make decompression periods more enjoyable, a diver can find various activities to pass the time in an efficient and useful manner.


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Diving Casualties of War

It was veteran journalist and author Tom Brokaw who first coined the term “The Greatest Generation” to describe those Americans who had lived through the Great Depression and who had fought in World War II. In his 1998 book of the same name, Brokaw wrote, “it is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.”

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The Sinking and First Dive of The Hailey Glasrud Reef

Martin County Artificial Reef Fund was set up several years ago to enhance the artificial reef program of Martin County. Their most recent deployment was the Hailey Glasrud, April 24, 2014, Stuart, FL. She sits in a perfect upright position in 186′ of water. The very uppermost spot is the main upper structure above the bridge at 103′ deep, and the deck level is 164′ deep

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15 yr-old Completes TDI Rebreather Certification

Being new to the tech diving world, the thought of diving a rebreather seemed very challenging. After diving open circuit for almost 4 years I did not have any idea what to expect. From all the standpoints I had heard, rebreather diving seemed very complex and hard to do, but TDI and Hollis made it a very simple process for me.

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Garage Days Revisited

So you’re planning on going diving this weekend and need to get your cylinders filled with nitrox. Imagine that you have a choice of getting that mix from one of only six dive centers in the United States. You can go to Long Island, New York; Gloucester City, New Jersey; Key Largo or Key West, Florida; Santa Cruz, California; or Bellingham, Washington to get those tanks filled. That’s right, back in the early days of technical diving we had a choice of six dive centers in the US that would fill our tanks with oxygen enriched air.

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Is Technical Diving for You?

Don’t knock it ‘til ya try it, right? Well, this also works the other way around when we’re deciding whether to pursue technical diving. Technical diving takes a specific mindset, skill level, and a substantial investment of both time and money; are you willing and able to meet these requirements? If you are unsure, there’s an option available to help you make up your mind before you fully commit yourself.

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Sidemount, the Fastest Growing Segment in Diving

So what is sidemount and why is it so popular? Simple answer really, it’s a new way to approach gear configuration to expand diving accessibility. That is not to say sidemount diving is actually all that new, but rather the techniques and the commercialization of the equipment are new.

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Grain at the Bottom of the Sea

by Cristiana Rollino and Maids Wallace (SDI/TDI Instructor 5280) Many thanks to Maids, a beginner in scuba diving, who has not only managed to translate this account in to English, but who has also understood my struggle in the world … Continue reading »