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Tech Diving – Staying Warm for comfort and safety

The image that many technical divers try to promote is that they are tough, macho divers. The shaved heads and stubble, combined with equipment that would make a Special Forces diver look inadequate, all add to this image. The message … Continue reading »

Ice Diving Training and Techniques – Straight from a Pro

As I write this article, I am comfortably sitting in my office in sunny South Florida. The weather is quite fair, around 75 degrees with a light wind, a few harmless clouds but mostly sunny. The water temperature recently has … Continue reading »

Playing darts with Dive Rite

For one reason or another many of us learned to dive and ultimately made a career in the industry because of our passion for the sport. This passion is largely driven by the relationships we make along the way and … Continue reading »

The Story of the Napkin

As told by Mitch Skaggs, annotated & documented by International Training “When we started Technical Diving International back in the day, we went against everything everyone thought about and believed in at the time. I always wanted to change the … Continue reading »

20 Years later with TDI

Wow! I would have never thought, back when I did my initial TDI Nitrox Instructor course in Miami Beach with Mitch Skaggs and David Sipperly, the agency would be where it is today 20 years later. I was asked recently … Continue reading »

Mission TECHPossible

Tweet This October, from 11th-17th and 18-24th 2014 at Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire, Technical Diving International (TDI) and Dive Rite will be teaming up to make TECHPossible. Have you considered tech diving? Consider this, TDI and Dive Rite will be … Continue reading »

Instructor Trainer Workshop in Bali

The recent Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW) in South East Asia was held in Bali, Tulamben Ocean Sun Resort. On a clear sunny day, we could see Mount Agung, the highest volcano in Bali on the back and directly across the … Continue reading »

The diving appeal of the Bell Island Wrecks and Iron Ore Mine

OK, before drilling into a few of the real benefits and surprises waiting for us when we decide on International Dive Travel, and certainly one of the most interesting associations with “foreign lands” in my diving career, we need to … Continue reading »

The Galápagos Islands; Beauty and the Beast

What makes the Galapagos Islands so magical? Also known as the “Enchanted Islands” by pirates and sailors because of the odd direction of the currents, the Galápagos hot spot that generates these volcanic islands happens to be located at the … Continue reading »

Diving an Aircraft Carrier – HMS Hermes

There are not many diveable aircraft carriers in the world so diving any aircraft carrier is a special experience but diving HMS Hermes, the first purpose built aircraft carrier, is a unique experience. There had previously been a number of … Continue reading »