TDI Diver News


DDRC and SDI are proud to announce that DDRC will now be able to offer SDI certification for CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Admin and AED training courses. The combination of these two organisations means that divers will be able to … Continue reading »

What it Takes to Lead a Technical Diving Team

One of the most interesting dynamics of technical diving, both during its planning and execution, revolves around the issue of leadership. It’s not simply a question of who leads and who follows, but a much more complex balancing act between … Continue reading »

Think Like a Divemaster

The Divemaster (DM) is the individual primarily responsible for supervising the activities of certified divers, both above and below the water. People often wonder how DMs lead divers around the reefs and wrecks without getting lost or worse, leaving someone … Continue reading »

How to Choose a Technical Training Facility or Instructor

So you’ve decided want to expand your diving knowledge, now what? How do you know who to train with? When compared to sport diving, technical diving consumes a significantly greater amount of time and money, which makes it very important … Continue reading »

Traveling With a Rebreather

With airlines tightening luggage restrictions, packing for a dive trip is hard enough with just recreational gear and traveling with a rebreather adds another level of difficulty. What to bring, how to pack it, will the dive center have everything … Continue reading »

Sam and Sally Panicked Underwater

Panic – A sudden overwhelming fear (with or without cause) that produces hysterical or irrational behavior, anxiety, confusion and often causes wildly unthinking behavior. We’re going to review a panic scenario, how it was handled and the outcome, as well … Continue reading »

TDI Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather Course

TDI and Hollis Explorer Rebreather Course Information We are proud to be offering some of the first training programs on the new Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather. In 2013 we’re pairing up with Hollis to conduct Explorer Instructor and qualified diver … Continue reading »

Staying Alive on Rebreathers: It Really Is All About Set-Up

By Steve Lewis During the proceedings of Rebreather Forum 3.0 in Orlando, two things quickly became obvious to the dive professionals who travelled to Florida from as far afield as Australia to attend: the popularity of and interest in rebreather … Continue reading »

What Bailout is Best for You? Rebreathers

By Mark Powell A rebreather is a fantastic tool that can be used to extend the range of what is possible in terms of exploratory diving. For deeper and longer dives, rebreathers can significantly reduce concerns over gas usage. That … Continue reading »

Dress for the Occasion – The Versatility of Sidemount

One of the most attractive aspects of side-mount diving is the versatility of your gear configurations, allowing the diver to be comfortable and confident in their setup. We’ve illustrated 3 basic configurations to help visualize the idea of sidemount and … Continue reading »