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Is Technical Diving for You?

Don’t knock it ‘til ya try it, right? Well, this also works the other way around when we’re deciding whether to pursue technical diving. Technical diving takes a specific mindset, skill level, and a substantial investment of both time and money; are you willing and able to meet these requirements? If you are unsure, there’s an option available to help you make up your mind before you fully commit yourself.

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Sidemount, the Fastest Growing Segment in Diving

So what is sidemount and why is it so popular? Simple answer really, it’s a new way to approach gear configuration to expand diving accessibility. That is not to say sidemount diving is actually all that new, but rather the techniques and the commercialization of the equipment are new.

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Grain at the Bottom of the Sea

by Cristiana Rollino and Maids Wallace (SDI/TDI Instructor 5280) Many thanks to Maids, a beginner in scuba diving, who has not only managed to translate this account in to English, but who has also understood my struggle in the world … Continue reading »

Is Cave CCR the Ultimate Challenge in Diving?

by Steve Lewis: As if cave diving isn’t challenging enough, how should we feel about adding a rebreather to the mix? When asked, which happens from time to time, I’ll explain to anyone who’ll listen that the easiest way to … Continue reading »

How to Switch your Diving Gas

By Michael Thornton and Josh Thornton Switching your diving gas in 8 easy steps Safe technical diving begins with awareness. The first step is being aware of yourself. As you gain experience and comfort you become aware of yourself and … Continue reading »

Choosing the Best Decompression Gas

By Jon Kieren There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing decompression gasses for a dive. The dive profile, logistics, environment/site conditions, and personal preference all come into play; how do these factors affect our decision? First, … Continue reading »

Calculating Gas Mixes, a Simplified Guide

By Steve Lewis When divers want to calculate, or in some cases are TOLD to calculate, the best nitrox and tri mixes for their dives, there are two major reasons for the task to be completed simply, and most importantly, … Continue reading »

Remote Dive Site Decompression Illness – How to Save a Divers Life

by Bret Gilliam As secret agent James Bond once sagely observed to Q, who supplied his special equipment and was complaining that he was bringing it back damaged, “It’s hell out there in the field.” Divers aren’t dealing with jet-packs, … Continue reading »

Ice Diving – The bare facts

I stripped down to my birthday suit, donned a pair of fins, a mask, and a scuba tank. I then sat there staring at the water, bits of ice bobbing on the surface, thinking, “I have a perfectly good dry suit right there, and I’m about to do WHAT?!” Too much thinking… so I jumped. Continue reading »

Tech Diving – Staying Warm for comfort and safety

The image that many technical divers try to promote is that they are tough, macho divers. The shaved heads and stubble, combined with equipment that would make a Special Forces diver look inadequate, all add to this image. The message … Continue reading »