TDI Diver News

A Day in the Life… A TECH DIVER

Most days, a technical diver’s schedule is pretty much the same as everyone else’s, even a non-divers. For a lot of those days, that awful work thing gets in the way of actually diving, but is accepted as necessary in … Continue reading »

From Rec to Tech – where to start in Tech Diving?

So you’ve been diving for a while and are looking to advance your training beyond “recreational limits”.  Maybe it’s deep diving, wrecks, or caves that pique your interest, or maybe you just like to challenge yourself.  Whatever your reasons for … Continue reading »

Cave Diving Course – Behind the Scenes of the Rebreather Cave Course

Our membership has been hounding us for years and we’ve finally got it finished, The Rebreather Cave Diving program is here and we are extremely proud of the final product.  When we create a new course we have 3 goals … Continue reading »

Lost in a Cave: Becoming the Aware Cave Diver

Over the last few years, I have studied the general dive ability and attitude of cave divers. Most understand that their awareness level is not optimum but have no idea how to improve it. When teaching cave diving courses, I … Continue reading »

Cave diving: more teamwork than a marriage

The only plan we had when TDI Instructor Trainer Ben Reymenants asked us to join a trip to Chiao Lan lake’s floating rafthouses was to do nothing at all; read a book and relax for a couple of days on … Continue reading »

A Divers Diary of the TDI Rebreather Cave Diver Course

Over the past few months, two members of the TDI training department spent their weekends assisting in the development of the Rebreather Full Cave Diver course. As CCR Advanced Mixed Gas divers with years of deep ocean experience and zero … Continue reading »

Your Dive Buddy is Unresponsive

As technical divers, we accept that there may come a day when we have to make a difficult decision:  Can I really help this person, or am I just going to hurt myself in the process?  We may be dealing … Continue reading »

How to Manage Your Panicked Dive

The thought of someone panicking underwater is often linked to a new or inexperienced diver. Rarely do we visualize a technical diver suited head to toe in advanced diving equipment with their mask on their forehead in a full blown … Continue reading »

The Best Rescue Divers Don’t Have to Rescue

It may sound strange but it’s generally accepted that the best, most successful rescue divers don’t have to actually rescue anyone because they are able to recognize signs of impending panic and are savvy enough to intervene before it happens. … Continue reading »


DDRC and SDI are proud to announce that DDRC will now be able to offer SDI certification for CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Admin and AED training courses. The combination of these two organisations means that divers will be able to … Continue reading »