Crossover Course FAQs

Q. What type of training can I complete with the on-line Dive Professional web-site?
A. You can complete your training for a crossover (familiarization) for Dive Master, Assistant Instructor or Instructor. These ratings are available for Scuba Diving International (SDI) Technical Diving International (TDI or Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI). Additional programs will be available in the future.

Q. How much of the Dive Professional training can I complete on-line?
A. You can eliminate the need to spend valuable time in a classroom setting, going through academic material you are perfectly capable of learning on your own, at your own pace and when it is most convenient. This ability, by itself, saves considerable time. For some people, this makes the difference between being able to get certified or not.

If you are completing a familiarization program you can meet with either an SDI/TDI/ERDI Representative or someone from the local store/dealer.

Q. What agencies are accepted for pre-requisites or equivalent qualifications?
A. Agencies that are accepted to meet the prerequisites for SDI include:

  • IDEA
  • PADI
  • PDIC
  • SSI
  • YMCA
  • NAUI
  • BSAC
  • Sub Aqua Association
  • European Standard
  • CMAS
  • Agencies that are accepted to meet the prerequisites for TDI include:
  • ANDI
  • SSI
  • NAUI
  • NACD
  • CMAS
  • BSAC
  • CDAA

Agencies that are accepted to meet the prerequisites for ERDI include:

  • Life Guard Systems
  • Dive Rescue International
  • Public Safety Diving Association

Q. What paperwork requirements do I need to complete to receive my certification?
A. Familiarization (crossover)

Copy of Equivalent Ratings
On-line completion Form and Copy of Insurance where Required.

Q. What if I normally use AOL to browse the Internet?
A. If you normally use AOL to browse the Internet, through a dial-up connection, you can continue to do so to participate in the on-line course; however, you should avoid using AOL’s built-in web browser when doing so.
AOL routes a lot of outside content through what are known as proxy servers. This can cause a substantial delay in your ability to access on-line course content.
What you should do instead is:
Use AOL to open a connection to the Internet.
Open another web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox or Safari, and use it to access the on-line course.
If you have a high-speed connection, then you already connect to the Internet through a provider other than AOL. Just use another web browser and bypass AOL entirely.

Q. What happens if I leave my computer logged on to the web-site?
A. For security measures we have implemented a 20 minute session into the course. If you do not interact with the system by clicking a link for more than 20 minutes the course will log you off and send you back to the home page. At that time you will need to log back in to continue your training.

Q. I have Windows Vista and am experiencing problems with QuickTime videos.
A. There seem to be some minor issues with Vista and QuickTime. There should be a patch soon but you can do a few things in the meantime.

You can download the newest version of QuickTime if you haven’t already at

Additionally there is a free codec at which a number of vista users have been viewing QuickTime media with.