11/07/14 ERDI and DUI Public Safety Diver Program, Manatee Springs, FL

PSD WorkshopIt’s a public safety dive and drysuit workshop weekend.  Find out more with DUI and ERDI’s interactive and hands-on program this weekend in Chiefland, FL at Manatee Springs.

Registration starts at 9am on November 7, 2014.  Enjoy all the activities, demos and dives.

When: Nov. 7, 2014
Time: 9:00am
Where: Manatee Springs in Chiefland, FL
Cost $10 Advance purchase or $15 On Site purchase. Does not include entrance fee to facility if required. More info.

Test dive DUI’s new CXO drysuit, participate in in-water workshops, hands on testing of surface supplied equipment, equipment demonstrations, get fitted in a custom DUI drysuit, network with teams nationwide to review field-proven methods, free barbeque lunch, take home a free collectors DUI DIVE OPS hat.

Follow ERDI during the DUI Demo Tour 2014

Sat, Mar 15   San Diego, CA   Natl Univ Poly Inst.
Fri, April 25   Pelham, AL   Dive Alabama
Sun, May 4   Eureka Springs, AR   AR Beaver Lake
Fri, May 9   Gloucester, MA   Stage Fort Par
Fri, May 30   South Beloit, IL   Pearl Lake
Sat, Aug 23   Black River Falls, WI   Wazee Lake
Fri, Sept 5   Ottawa, OH   Gilboa Quarry
Sun, Sept 21   Metropolis, IL   Mermet Springs
Fri, Sept 26   Bethlehem, PA   Dutch Springs
Fri, Oct 10   Portland, ME   Kettle Cove
Fri, Oct 17   Rawlings, VA   Lake Rawlings
Fri, Nov 7   Chiefland, FL   Manatee Springs
Fri, Nov 14   Terrell, TX   Clear Springs Scuba Park


What to bring

  • Certification card
  • Credit card and/or drivers license (for DUI to keep while you have the test equipment)
  • Swimsuit or light weight clothing (to wear underneath drysuit insulation. No cotton)
  • Regulator
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Open heel fins
  • A very SMALL towel (to dry your damp hair!)
  • BCD
  • Weights
  • Tank(s)

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