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ERDI World Headquarters
1045 NE Industrial Blvd.
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

The ERD Tender course trains team personnel to properly tend line, effectively communicate, and perform a crucial non-diving role within a public safety dive team. The ERD Tender is instrumental to the successful completion of a mission.

Who is this course for:

  • Any public safety professional who would like to participate in public safety diving operations in a non-diving role
  • Any public safety dive professional that has not been formally trained on proper diver tending

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to efficiently structure and operate a team
  • Effective communication through line signals and electronic communication systems
  • Diver Safety: calculating air consumption rates ,choosing the right diver for onsite conditions
  • Site mapping and proper documentation
  • Scene evaluation

ERD Tender students should expect to take a lot of notes and spend time analyzing outcomes of practical sessions, to prepare for their next callout. Students will learn and master tending skills in both confined and open water settings. ERD Tenders students will also learn to choose proper personal protective equipment (PPE), become well acquainted with PPE, crime scene recognition, various search patterns, and decontamination procedures.

What’s in it for you and your team: Reinforcing training to better prepare you and your team to handle any scenario.

ERD Tender Technician level minimum requirements:

  • Successfully complete 200 metre swim, 100 metre buddy tow with PFD, 10 minute survival float
  • Demonstrate mastery of line signals, and tether communications
  • Perform at least two search patterns


Equipment Needed:




Brief Description

1 USCG approved personal floatation device (PFD)   Life jacket or positive buoyancy support at the surface.
2 Cutting tools: 1 primary, 1 backup   The cutting tools must be designed for cutting lines of various thicknesses and be easily accessible. Both must be easily mountable in two different areas.
1 Waders   The waders should be made of a smooth rubber material and be chest height. 
1 Hand protection   The hand protection (gloves) should be made of durable materials and be comfortable for extended use. Work gloves designed for use in water are preferable. Under all work gloves the tender needs to wear latex or Nitrile gloves for additional protection.
1 Footwear (boots)   Appropriate footwear for the environment must be worn. Lightweight steel toes boots are ideal but must be able to fit inside waders. 
1 Fluid barrier (Tyvex suit)   A disposable fluid barrier suit or tyvex suit is ideal for the tender in the case of accidental splashes.
1 Eye protection   Safety glasses or sunglasses are acceptable, polarized sunglasses are preferred.
1 Audible signaling device   Audible signaling devices can include: whistles, air horns, public address systems or sirens.
2 Visual signaling device   Visual signaling devices can include: flashlights, marker strobes, spotlights and flares.
1 Diver harness   The diver needs to be equipped with a harness for tethered operations. The harness can be as simple as a figure eight harness.
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ERD Tender Course Schedule

  DAY 1  

ERD Tender Course Overview and Roles and Responsibilities

  DAY 2  

Briefings and land drills – practical

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Course Price Includes:



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Lunch, Snacks, Drinks



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  *Why a team of three: The optimum team structure is four, but this is not always feasible or possible. ERDI standards require a minimum team structure of three. With a team of three you can have: one diver, back-up diver (diver at 90) and a Tender/supervisor.What makes a team of three for this special: A team of three consists of three members of the same department or team. Divers from different municipalities, departments or teams cannot form a team for the purposes of this special pricing.
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