Sidemount Diving

A Few Minutes with Brian, March 2013


Contact SDI TDI and ERDI

If you would like more information, please contact our World Headquarters or your Regional Office.

Tel: 888.778.9073 | 207.729.4201





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3 Responses to Sidemount Diving

  1. Jeremy says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm

    I think it’s imperative that SDI provides the sidemount materials for instructors. As a sidemount instructor, materials such as the Instructor guide and a powerpoint for teaching would be extremely useful when I conduct the sidemount course.

    It doesn’t really make sense that we’re the first to endorse Sidemount but other training agencies already have their own set of sidemount materials. Would greatly appreciate that this feedback be taken into consideration.


    SDI #15847

  2. Richard Taylor says:

    I think the blooper’s section get’s the nod!! We expect more next month Bri. Definitely memorable!!

  3. John Vallar says:


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