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Information about facility pricing levels:   Date: Friday 24 February, 2012
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This system servers users at many levels. To ensure correct member and facility pricing see below:

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The ITI Online Catalog is designed to allow divers to purchase products depending on their level of access in the system. Facilities are able to purchase materials at discounted prices depending on the price level set by their regional manager. In order to use the ITI Online Catalog to purchase materials at facility pricing, the person who is logged in, must be set as the facility contact on the main site ( Only this person can obtain the discounted prices.

To change the facility contact, any Facility Admin can go to the facility profile on the main site and choose the person they want set as the contact.

If you need the Facility Contact changed, and do not have access to the Facility Contact’s login information, please contact your sales representative or ITI Headquarters at:

Phone: 207-729-4201
Toll Free: 1-888-778-9073
Fax: 1-877-436-7096

Special note – Only divers residing in North America have the ability to purchase materials with the ITI Online Catalog. If you are outside North America and interested in purchasing any of the materials you see here, simply contact your local regional office by clicking here.

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