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Is Cave CCR the Ultimate Challenge in Diving?

by Steve Lewis: As if cave diving isn’t challenging enough, how should we feel about adding a rebreather to the mix? When asked, which happens from time to time, I’ll explain to anyone who’ll listen that the easiest way to … Continue reading »

Cave Diving Course – Behind the Scenes of the Rebreather Cave Course

Our membership has been hounding us for years and we’ve finally got it finished, The Rebreather Cave Diving program is here and we are extremely proud of the final product.  When we create a new course we have 3 goals … Continue reading »

A Divers Diary of the TDI Rebreather Cave Diver Course

Over the past few months, two members of the TDI training department spent their weekends assisting in the development of the Rebreather Full Cave Diver course. As CCR Advanced Mixed Gas divers with years of deep ocean experience and zero … Continue reading »