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Is Cave CCR the Ultimate Challenge in Diving?

by Steve Lewis: As if cave diving isn’t challenging enough, how should we feel about adding a rebreather to the mix? When asked, which happens from time to time, I’ll explain to anyone who’ll listen that the easiest way to … Continue reading »

Silent Diving Photography: The Benefits of No Bubbles

Imagine finding the perfect subject to take pictures of while diving: you get your camera ready, settings are in place, you’re getting closer, and you are ready to capture this ideal image in front of you… then you exhale a … Continue reading »

Rebreathers—Are They for Me?

by Jeffrey Bozanic “I’m just a regular scuba diver… what would I want a rebreather for? They are for tech divers!” I hear that all the time. Yes, rebreathers are great tools for tech divers. You can dive deeper, stay … Continue reading »