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Rescue Divers, The Golden Hour

Undoubtedly, the term Golden Hour is well known and widely recognized by EMS, rescue divers and public safety divers. For the benefit of those who may not know what the Golden Hour is, it generally refers to the time immediately … Continue reading »

Your Dive Buddy is Unresponsive

As technical divers, we accept that there may come a day when we have to make a difficult decision:  Can I really help this person, or am I just going to hurt myself in the process?  We may be dealing … Continue reading »

How to Manage Your Panicked Dive

The thought of someone panicking underwater is often linked to a new or inexperienced diver. Rarely do we visualize a technical diver suited head to toe in advanced diving equipment with their mask on their forehead in a full blown … Continue reading »

The Best Rescue Divers Don’t Have to Rescue

It may sound strange but it’s generally accepted that the best, most successful rescue divers don’t have to actually rescue anyone because they are able to recognize signs of impending panic and are savvy enough to intervene before it happens. … Continue reading »

Rescue Diver: The Most Rewarding Training in Diving

Whether you dive once a year while on vacation or are on your way to becoming a dive professional, the Rescue Diver course is most likely the most beneficial course you will ever take.  It will change the way you … Continue reading »

How to think like a Rescue Diver

It’s often said, “The best Rescue Divers never have to make any rescues.”  True Rescue Divers have the ability to recognize potential problems and get involved before they evolve into actual problems. What allows a Rescue Diver to think this … Continue reading »