Semi-Closed Rebreather Diver (Dolphin, Ray, Submatix ST100, Azmuth)

The TDI Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather course is the ideal course for photographers, cold water divers or anybody wishing to enjoy a quieter dive and closer interaction with marine life. The course is unit specific covering the Dolphin, Ray, Submatix ST100 and the Azimuth. The SCR course topics and skills include

  • System mechanics
  • Nitrox review
  • Gas physiology
  • Bailout scenarios
  • Pre and post dive system checks

The TDI Introduction to Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreathers manual takes you through a step by step process of the history and theory of SCR’s, how the units work, and provides setup and cleaning check lists. Your Instructor may also use the Nitrox & Rebreather Equation software which helps calculate inspired gas and MOD.


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