Rebreather Full Cave Diver

The TDI Rebreather Full Cave Diver course is the highest overhead environment rating offered by TDI. This course is for the serious adventurer wanting to explore further into the overhead environment, make jumps off of main lines to adjoining passages, using a TDI approved rebreather. During the Rebreather Full Cave Diver course your TDI Instructor will teach you the proper techniques for diving in a cave environment using a rebreather while maintaining a continuous guideline. Your TDI Rebreather Full Cave Instructor will cover topics and skills such as

  • Equipment configuration and preparation
  • Body posture and trim
  • Propulsion techniques
  • Cave conservation
  • Proper guideline procedures
  • Lost line drills
  • buddy emergency procedures
  • Zero visibility situations
  • S drills
  • Hand and light signals
  • Bailout considerations
  • Complex navigation techniques including jumps, gaps, traverses and circuits

The TDI Overhead Environment manual will outline the procedures for conducting cave dives and become a great addition to your diving library.

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