Rebreather Full Cave Instructor

Far and above, the TDI Rebreather Full Cave Diver Instructor rating is an outstanding accomplishment few can claim. Arriving at the Rebreather Cave Diver Instructor Evaluation, the candidate has assisted an instructor teach a minimum of two Rebreather Cavern courses, two Rebreather Introductory Cave Diver courses, and two Rebreather Full Cave Diver courses.

The candidate must provide their TDI Rebreather Cave Instructor Evaluator with a letter of recommendation from a Rebreather Full Cave Instructor they have assisted (this must be an instructor other than who is conducting the evaluation).

The evaluation will include a thorough examination of the candidate’s abilities to communicate and teach rebreather cave diving techniques, as well as evaluate the candidates own skills as a rebreather cave diver. The candidate will conduct a minimum of six dives with the evaluator: two dives at the cavern level, two dives at the introductory cave level, and two dives at the full cave level. The candidate will be required to perform all skills from the rebreather cave diving programs at a demonstration quality level.

Interested in Teaching Rebreather Full Cave Diver?

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