Rebreather Intro Cave Diver

The TDI Rebreather Introductory Cave Course takes a serious look at the necessary skills to conduct safe and enjoyable cave dives using a TDI approved rebreather. During the TDI Rebreather Introductory Cave Diver course your Instructor will teach you the proper techniques for diving in a cave environment using a rebreather while staying on the main line. Your TDI Rebreather Introductory Cave Instructor will cover topics and skills such as

  • Limits based on no decompression
  • Equipment configuration and preparation
  • Body posture and trim
  • Propulsion techniques
  • Cave conservation
  • Proper guideline procedures
  • S drills
  • Zero visibility situations
  • Hand and light signals
  • Bailout considerations

The TDI Overhead Environment manual will outline the procedures for conducting cave dives and become a great addition to your diving library

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