More With Less!


Now there is a question that can conjure up a myriad of emotions!
What if we told you we are talking about MORE PROFITS?
Here you are at the beginning of yet another year, winter surrounds you (if you are one of our many members in North America) and you are thinking to yourself: “How am I going to do a better job at managing my business and making more money this year?”
Here is a quick read intended to generate some thought and to get you started towards increased profitability.
Look around your business, how many brands do you support? Pick any category, how many Dive suits? Gear bags? Ask yourself: “Can I do more with less?”  And: “Why would I want to?
  • 1.    Fewer vendors means easier to hit higher buying levels, therefore more gross profit.
  • 2.    You and your business become more important to the brands you do support.
  • 3.    FFA is now more obtainable
  • 4.    Less paperwork to process, easier faster receiving, faster bill pay, less bookkeeping
  • 5.    Narrower selection means greater depth, helps avoid “out of stock” situations.
  • 6.    Helps avoid extra charges for “expedited freight” to remedy stock shortages.
  • 7.    Permits greater focus to “specialized equipment” that fits your geographic region and your training philosophy.
Think it through thoroughly and do not react emotionally, as the saying goes “sleep on it”. Before you make a major adjustment to your business, inventory or approaches discuss it with fellow staff, key customers. Time is on your side because if you choose to take this course of action it will take some time to “profitably” make inventory adjustments. After all this IS NOT the market to “blow out inventory” it is crucial you maximize your cash flow and yes your gross profit from each and every sale.
Want to test the concept out of doing more with less? Start with your diver training. You already have access to one of our three Agencies, Scuba Diving International™, Technical Diving International™ and Emergency Response Diving International™ ask yourself the question “Am I maximizing my opportunity, am I taking advantage of teaching all the classes I and my fellow staff qualify for? Am I meeting market demand for instruction?”
If you have any doubt that you are not getting the most from the training you offer reach out and contact us. Let us share with you what other successful facilities are doing with their training! Here is a hint…what are you doing with Intro to Tech? How about Solo Diver? As we undertake the most aggressive travel schedule ever doing more consumer shows then ever we are quickly learning that when we offer these seminars to the general diving public the room is filling up with interested divers!
Why not offer an Intro to Tech or a Solo Diver presentation in your store? You’ll find that the Q&A that follows will scream of opportunity!
Yes you can do more with less! Just look around and figure out to do more with what you have! Be they brands, agencies and most important of all …your customers!
Contact your Regional manager today or reach out to Cris Merz at and let us help you get the most out of the training you offer!


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