Joining SDI-TDI-ERDi At Shows Around the USA

There are REAL benefits of Membership
1.  Discount for YOUR booth space—— For a second consecutive year, SDI-TDI-ERDI will be all over the United States supporting their members and dive centers at consumer shows.  It is a great reward to support the industry at the local level, but this year, we also want to extend this great business opportunity to our members to not only attend the show, but to exhibit at these shows as well.  We will be able to offer our members UP TO 50% OFF the cost for a booth space at the following CONSUMER Dive Shows*:  Texas Dive Show (Feb. 12 – 13), Bay Area Dive Show (April 30 – May 1), Colorado Dive Show (September 24 -25), and Florida Dive Show (Dec. 4-5). Display your business at these shows and meet new potential customers with this chance to find a new market for you center.   Hurry as space is limited.
(*Example, Both space at Texas show is $899 our dealers save $400 and pay only $499.)
 2. Referral = Free Product——Recommend a dive center to us and if they complete a full crossover – you get free product for 1 month.  That’s right, whatever you purchase during that one month period, we will replace.  How does it work?  Buy JUST TEN Open Water kits and when we certify those ten students, we will send you TEN MORE kits at NO CHARGE, in other words, it is free.  So tell your friends about us and enjoy our referral incentive program to its maximum capacity.
 3.  Crossovers for instructors offered in Dallas & Chicago ——The Dallas Show, Our World Underwater in Chicago, BTS in New Jersey, and at DEMA we will have crossovers available for instructors looking at teaching SDI’s recreational programs, TDI’s world renown technical courses or public safety with ERDI, the largest agency dedicated to the safety of our departments – or, if all requirements are met, join ALL THREE AGENCIES for one price of $399.00. Contact SDI HQ now to get started with your online familiarization code or go to and get started NOW.  Once completed, be sure to bring all necessary documentation with you such as copies of you certification cards, applications, and form of payment to the enjoy a “questions and answers” session at the show to complete the familiarization with SDI-TDI and ERDI. If you would like to do the online crossover but cannot attend any of the above listed shows please contact one of the individuals list on page two and they will be happy to assist you in completing the crossover.
 4. No facility dues – ever——We do not believe in charging our facilities extra participate in SDI-TDI or ERDI programs.  Keep you members active and affiliated with your dive center and your facility remains active, no matter what type of facility designation you may carry.  Save money and reinvest those facility dues back into your center.  We will not charge you extra for giving us the opportunity to do business with you and your facility.
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the following individuals.
Cris Merz National Sales Manager
Toll Free (888) 778-9073
Main Line (207) 729-4201 ext. 202
Cell (207) 449-8858
Dennis Pulley Product Development / Training
Cell (207) 449-2621 ext. 218
Shawn Harrison Regional Manager
Office (207) 729-4201 ext. 215
Cell (207) 751-9090
Ed Christini Board of Directors
Office (970) 686-5438
Cell (970) 227-0631
Nestor Palmero Board of Directors
Office (207) 729-4201 ext .213
Cell (207)449-8377

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