Our World Underwater Show Seminars


Consumer Presentations:
Sunday Feb 21 @ 11AM – OWU Chicago
The Six Secrets of Solo Diving:
SDI certified Solo Divers have enjoyed an unblemished safety record for more than eight years. The program teaches people to dive “self-sufficiently” and is one of this innovative agency’s most popular diver education programs. SDI Solo Diver Specialty focuses on a common sense approach to dive planning, equipment selection, dive operations and personal assessment, and during this presentation, you will learn why we say: every diver can benefit from the skills taught in a solo program, but not every diver should dive alone!
Sunday Feb 21 @ Noon – OWU Chicago
What to expect from YOUR Intro-to-Tech Course
Since we introduced this entry-level program into Technical Diving International’s menu of diver courses, the uptake and acceptance has made our heads spin. The growing interest in and popularity of “technical diving” has obviously fuelled much of that interest; but there is more to it than that.
On paper, Intro to Tech is about choosing and configuring dive gear; learning about more detailed dive planning and risk management, developing skills like equipment handling and situational awareness; and learning some drills to make those skills stick!
But a whole bunch of “average” divers tell us they took the course because they were bored with average! Maybe you’d like to add something a little more exciting to your diving. Come to this FREE seminar and find out! We believe you will find… Intro to Tech… it is just for you!
Consumer Presentations:
Sunday Feb 21 @ 1PM – OWU Chicago
Membership Orientation and Update
As an active member of our group of agencies, you owe it to yourself to keep up-to-date on the innovative ideas and bottom line benefits that we make available to professionals like you.
Learn about new products and services; hear about the market research we have done and what the results say about the way you do business; discuss the feedback we get about the business of diving from the dive community including your customers; discovery new ways to retain your current customers, keep them loyal; and attract new customers to your facility.
Attend a Membership Orientation and Update in your area this season. You can’t afford not to.
Sunday Feb 21 @ 2PM – OWU Chicago
One size fits DOES NOT fit all: A different perspective on diver education
Dive Professionals (DM or higher) it’s a “MUST attend” for this relaxed and informal workshop
You’ve asked yourself why does the entire buzz in the diving community today seem to focus on three major players: SDI, TDI or ERDI? And you have been wondering how come these three agencies represent the most talked about, innovative business solutions in the dive industry. Well, this presentation will give you ALL the answers…and let you ask your own questions!
If you are a Dive Professional (DM or higher) attend this informal workshop and you will learn:
·         Why SDI pioneered onLine Academics for open water, specialties, and leadership programs as part of their blending learning approach to diver training.
  • How TDI has developed the technical diving market from a tiny niche to the industry’s strongest growth market.
  • How ERDI has established standards and safety protocols for Public Safety Diving operations and training that have been adopted by leaders in the service and security industry
  • Why hundreds of dive leaders drop their old affiliation and crossover to SDI, TDI or ERDI every year
The SDI, TDI ERDI Group is the bright future for the dive industry with a fully integrated program covering all forms of scuba; this workshop will show you how you can share that future.


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