I have YOUR ball cap: Special Message from Brian Carney

brian in officeMy New Year’s Resolution (and I hope yours is similar) was to get in as much diving this year as possible. With the everyday pressures we all face, yes even for those of us in the dive industry , it would have been an easy resolution to break; but I’m hanging in there!

Some Associate Members, just like yourself, may be a little surprised that the guy who heads up the Scuba Diving International Group makes time to dive. I do dive and so do ALL of the Executive Team; because like you, we all love to dive. You might say that when any of us are out diving, we are undertaking "front line research into our business" (at least, that’s the line we use with our CFO, so if you meet her back me up on this)!

One other promise that I made for this year is to meet as many of you as I can. And on that note I want to give all of you a reason to introduce yourself if we happen to bump into each other at a dive site. This will be kind of our own game of "where is Waldo", to play "Where is Brian" simply come over and say hello. Let’s talk a little diving and while you are at it flash your TDI or SDI certification card you’ve earned with our agencies, and I’ll give you a great looking Ball Cap that is sure to be the envy of all your dive buddies…well maybe not the envy but we will both I’m sure have a story to tell!

Now that’s just another good reason to get out there diving!




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