ERDI Certified Dive Team Wins TOP Honors in Virginia Competition

Every year, the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS) hosts a statewide convention, for educational and medical seminars, inter-squad competition and social activities.

The annual event, held September 20-26 in Virginia Beach, featured a competition between rescue squad dive teams. Making its first appearance in the contest, the Manchester Volunteer Rescue Squad Dive Team, of Chesterfield County, won the Rescue Diver Contest by a substantial margin. The competition consisted of a written exam of a randomly selected team member, and a scored simulated rescue involving multiple team divers and tenders.

Founded just eight months ago, the MVRS Dive Team members received their initial training (from Open Water SCUBA Diver through Rescue Diver courses) from team member David Hay, SDI/TDI 9689, owner of Atlantis Divers in Richmond, Virginia. Atlantis Divers then partnered with CAPT Steve Coe, SDI/TDI/ERDI 10143, and The Emergency Response Training Center, LLC of Norwalk, Connecticut, to provide the ERDI Emergency Response Diver I course to team members in June and July.

Two short months later, the ERDI Certified MVRS Dive Team overwhelmed the competition to bring home the 2010 VAVRS Rescue Diver trophy!

For further information regarding dive training in Virginia and ERDI training on the East Coast, contact:

Atlantis Divers

1480 Anderson Highway

Powhatan, VA 23130


The Emergency Response Training Center, LLC

PO Box 911

Norwalk, CT 06852-0911


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