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Creating an Audience with the Facebook Pixel

Time to follow up on our last Facebook Pixel article, now that you know what it is and what it does. This time we’re showing you how to create an audience so you can target your ads directly to your website visitors. This will help you deliver your ads to your visitors at the right time.


Annual cylinder inspections are not that bad

Why is cylinder inspection so important? Don Kinney the author of the SDI/TDI Cylinder Inspection Program breaks down an article written in X-Ray Magazine about how cylinder inspections go in the United States.


Surf Rescue: What We Learned From This Dive

We’re taking public safety diving to the beach with one diver’s story of a rip current surf rescue. We all know rip currents are no joke but what was the true lesson the rescuer learned from this situation?


Soldier, Firefighter, and Public Safety Diver: A Personal Journey

What do being a soldier, firefighter and public safety diver have in common? The easy answer is service. Learn more about one man’s journey through all three and how it’s impacted his life and career.

Got bad Buoyancy? Who cares?

But really why does it matter SO much?! You see so many divers on social media kneeling on the bottom, posing for photos without any regard to what surrounds them and what’s under them for that matter. Buoyancy isn’t just another skill to learn in diving it’s THE skill you need to master.


Why You Should Dive the SS Andrea Doria

Looking for some bragging rights? Or just to get an official “badass” award? Diving the Doria can give you both. This wreck is impressive and it’s definitely NOT for newbie divers. Some might wonder if it’s worth to dive considering the number of casualties it’s taken over the years.

She Believed She Could, So She Did. Again.

Our girl is back at it and pushing boundaries! Kennedy hasn’t had the easiest road with her medical issues and the complications that come with that. But she keeps proving over and over that no matter the hurdle she can overcome it and she WILL dive.


Wildlife Life Rules: The Do’s and Don’ts with Aquatic Creatures

New to scuba diving? Not sure what the rules are exactly on the wildlife and the underwater environment? Are you allowed to kneel on the bottom to take in the sights? Is it safe to touch the animals? Scuba diving can be fun for all involved, if we just follow a few simple rules.