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Visual Clues

Learn more about how your team can use visual clues to plan rescue dives. There are three main visual clues you can use to assess any dive site. We’re breaking them down in detail.

The difference between “Then and Now” in Technical Diving

It’s no surprise tech diving has come a long way in the last 10, 20, or even 30 years. Heck, technology alone has changed leaps and bounds in each of those time frames. We’re taking a look back at tech diving in 90s and how it differs from tech diving now. If you’ve been diving since then, this will be a fun trip down memory lane. Even if you haven’t been tech diving since the 90s, it’s fun to see how far things have come.

Vitamin Freediving Series

Join us for a four part series on ‘Vitamin F (Freediving)’ with live guided and interactive at home exercises for everyone. Kirk Krack will host a different guest each week to talk about COVID19, the respiratory system, lung stretching exercise, hypoxic training exercises, training tables and so much more. This Live series is for non-divers just as much as it is for experienced divers to learn with world class freedivers.

How to be a Good Buddy

Do you want to be a better buddy? That’s a trick question, because everyone should want to strive to be a better buddy. For the safety and enjoyment of themselves but also for the other divers around you. Learn about the essential skills buddies should practice before every dive and the skills all divers should continually work to improve. Put those together and you’ll be on your way to being the best buddy around.

Can you teach Open Water Neutrally Buoyant?

An often-debated topic in recreational scuba: teaching the Open Water Course while neutrally buoyant. We’re going to break down the pros and cons, the popular misconceptions, and how to do it. Then we’ll close it up with some examples of Instructors who are out in the world teaching this way.

Stop Selling Scuba Classes

Want to crack the code on creating loyal lifelong customers? The secret is out, it’s not about the agency you teach. It’s about how to present the new hobby your future customer is about to take on. How do you keep them wanting more? Sell them the adventure, we’ll teach you how.

When Is It a Crime Scene?

Do you know when a call becomes a crime scene? We’re breaking down the specific things that make a public safety call out a crime scene and why. While this may seem obvious it’s worth a review from time to time.