Can I dive with a Disability?

This may or may not be a common question you’ve heard in the past as the diver friend, an instructor, or even a dive shop owner. The truth is, most of the time the answer to this question is, yes. However, we’re breaking this down further to talk more about how taking a scuba course with a handicap might go. Hint: it might not be as different as you think.

Top 3 Things To Do After Getting Dive Certified

Are you a new Open Water Diver or maybe you’ve been a diver for a while now and just aren’t sure what to next… We’re breaking down the three things every new Open Water Diver should do after getting their certification.

complete guide to scuba diving

The Complete Guide to Scuba Diving for Beginners and Non-Divers

Do you have a friend who wants a glimpse into the world of scuba diving? Or maybe you’re still a relatively new diver who just wants more info. Either way, this guide to scuba diving will give you all the details needed to dive into scuba with confidence.

Please Explain the Basics!

We’re taking you back to the basics in this one. Does your team know all of the gas laws backward and forward? These are a necessity to keeping your team safe and preventing injuries. Tony Pietrantonio, a commercial diver, public safety diver, supervisor, and instructor helps us take a closer look into the basics every team should work to master.

Using a Bailout Rebreather

Have you ever considered using a bailout rebreather rather than bailout tanks? There are a lot of reasons to choose either, however in this article, we’re taking a deeper look into using a back-up rebreather as a bailout system. This in-depth article will walk you through everything you need to know about using a bailout rebreather.

Five Reasons to Dive a Rebreather

Have you had rebreather diving on your mind? We get it, rebreather diving comes with a lot of baggage. More training, longer checklists, and let’s not forget the expense. However, rebreather diving also comes with many benefits. We’re covering just five of them in this article.

How can a breath-hold class help with scuba?

Considering your next course? Have you thought about the Breath-Hold Survival course? There are many reasons to take this course but as a scuba diver there are even more reasons. Learn how to handle high-stress situations without the help of your regulator.

Largest Underwater Treasures That You Didn’t Know About

Is wreck diving your thing? Are you intrigued by the story of a wreck and the treasure that may have been left behind? Then this article is for you. The five wrecks listed in this article carried over 77 tons of goal and silver valuing more than $450 million.

I’ve Earned an Open Water, Now What?

So you just completed your Open Water Diver certification and now you’re hooked on diving. Or maybe you’ve been diving for a while now and you’re wondering what the next step is. In this article, you’ll gain some new ideas on where to go next after getting your Open Water cert.

Guidelines for Reopening Dive Training

Wondering what dive training looks like in “the new normal” while navigating the world reopening during a pandemic? We’ve laid out all of the details you need to start teaching safely again.