Evidence Recovery: What You Need to Know Solve the Crime

Public safety divers often have the job of helping to solve crimes. They do this by recovering evidence in a body of water where a crime may have taken place or evidence was disposed of. We’re breaking down what you need to know to help solve crimes as a public safety diver.

Jump On Board Or Not: Latest Trends In The World Of Public Safety Divers

Public safety diving has been getting more media and news attention lately and this has led us to believe there might be a need for some clarification on a few things.

The Key to Proper Hydration in Technical Diving

Do you worry about proper hydration before, after and even during your dives? Do you find yourself completely exhausted after a dive? This could be because you’re not hydrating properly. Learn more about what dehydrates you and how to fix it before, during and after diving to ensure that you are always properly hydrated.

Mental Trauma and the Benefits of Diving

You may have heard about a diver who got into a horrible accident earlier this year, her life was completely changed because of it. What you might not have realized though is that mental health might have been one of her major driving factors of why she even started diving in the first place. Diving might not be your first thought when someone mentions mental health but the truth is, it can be very healing.

What Was I Thinking?

What made you take the leap into scuba diving? Did you talk yourself out of it many times before you actually went for it? The thought of the unknown can be downright scary but the regret of never trying might heavily outweigh it.

Dive Travel on a Dime

Are you filled with wanderlust and the need to dive? The thing is, you also have a budget to stick to, because, life. Learn more about how to plan your dive travel on the cheap while still getting the most out of your experiences.


CHUUK: Rated E, For Everyone

Have you heard of Truk Lagoon? Have you written it off as a place only tech divers go to dive? Think again, Truk or Chuuk as some call it is dive friendly for all levels of certifications. The best part is that you’ll find everything from wrecks to reefs there as well. If you’re looking for your next dive getaway, we’d highly suggest putting this place on your list.

Join us for a Meet & Greet Crossover Before MRMT18!

Join us for a Meet & Greet Crossover

On Friday, Sept 28th we will be hosting a small meet and greet/crossover in Monterey.  Come chat with us, ask us questions and find out who we are and what we can offer you as a training organization.  

On Saturday, Sept 29th we will be at San Carlos Beach Park in Monterey hosting Mission Rec/Mission Tech with various manufactures conducting the ultimate Demo Day in scuba equipment.

Contact Dillon.waters@tdisdi.com for details or call us at 1-888-778-9073

How to Choose a Training Agency as a Dive Shop

Choosing a training agency for your dive shop isn’t a choice you should take lightly. Afterall this is the company you are representing and ultimately vouching for. We’re explaining five things you should think about when deciding who you should go with.

Special Announcement – RESA Standards

This has been a long time coming! We are excited to announce and support RESA’s publishing of a new set of minimum training standards for all diver-level rebreather courses. Our president, Brian Carney, is sharing his reaction to these new standards. Click below to watch the video.