sditdierdi-HiringInternational Training Oceania is a growing company of forward-thinking, fast-paced, and fun educators. We value our employees’ work/life balance by offering flexible working hours and competitive pay. You will love this job if you love producing high quality, detailed work and following processes.

We have mapped everything out for you, step by step, but need someone to come in and make it all happen. You’re likely a super organised individual who loves being precise, patient and love doing one task at a time.

Our business is very stable and we would support and give you all the training you need. We need someone who can come in, and be the stable rock we can rely on.

The Position

We are currently looking to fill an entry-level position within our Membership Services department at International Training Oceania in Brisbane, QLD. The position is full-time.

Benefits Include

  1. Competitive pay
  2. Flexible hours
  3. Working for a team that values your opinion
  4. Continuing education benefits

Duties Include

  1. Day-to-day customer service
  2. Answering telephones
  3. Assisting in processing of orders and certifications
  4. Certification card processing
  5. General office administration
  6. Member Database maintenance

Job Specifications

  1. Experience as a Diver, or Dive Professional
  2. Strong understanding of customer interaction
  3. Strong verbal and written communication skills
  4. Social media and graphics experience would be advantageous but not essential

Job Characteristics

  1. Steady, even pace to promote accuracy and quality of work
  2. Repetitive routines
  3. Helpful, supportive communication
  4. Working within established systems, standards and procedures

Our Hiring Process

Our process consists of a couple of interviews, an analysis of your career history, and a final reference check.  We respect your time and honesty and appreciate your participation in our process.  We want you to find the ideal position for your skill set and strengths. Please send an email to of no more than a two page application telling us what you think we need to know about you and why you want to work with us including a brief summary of your previous roles.