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New Gear Fever

Have you ever done everything right, only for something to still go wrong? That’s exactly what happens in this diving story. This diver got a new piece of scuba gear, did the right thing by giving it a test run in a controlled environment before taking it out on their next big dive, and STILL ran into problems. This is a story about learning.

North East Scuba Diving Pro Tips

Diving in the North Eastern part of the United States, specifically in New York and New Jersey, isn’t your average day of diving. While some of the tips on this list are universal to most diving locations or scenarios, a lot of these items are location specific. So if you’re thinking about taking a trip to the North East, this one is for you.

7 Tips For Diving with Contact Lenses

Are you a contact lenses wearing diver? Then this article is for you. Everything you need to know and consider about being a scuba diver who wears contact lenses. Say goodbye to the days of worrying about lens contamination or eye infections with these tips.

Neutral Buoyancy—Let’s Get Real!

Have you fallen into the neutral buoyancy debate? Or worse, have you been victim to the internet trolls who patrol the internet for photos and videos of divers doing something “wrong.” In this article we have Jeff Bozanic here to explain why it’s actually helpful and sometimes carries less risk.

Diving Talks – Portugal 2021

Divers are calling it “the most important diving event in 2021”.The event organizers joke about it, saying, “it’s the only one in 2021.” But the facts speak differently. Diving Talks is a long-anticipated diving conference with a little something for everyone, diver or not!

A Diving Story: A love story. A life story.

Learning to scuba dive isn’t always as easy as eLearning, Instructor sessions, and certification. For some there can be an internal struggle that comes with using new equipment and being in a new environment. Even with the allure of the underwater world, our minds are a tricky place and if you pair that with a traumatic event, you’re bound to have a bit of trouble getting underwater calmly. This story is about how one diver went from failing their Open Water course twice to a rebreather tech diver.

Most Iconic Dive Sites

Ready to get out there and get diving but not sure where to go? These five dive sites won’t disappoint. There’s a little something for everyone in these five sites, so click to start daydreaming about your next big dive trip.