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The Diver’s Role in Shark Awareness

Sharks are vital to the health of our oceans, and we have a unique ability as divers to help protect them. Our experiences, stories of diving with sharks, and images can help dispel myths and incorrect perceptions and share sharks’ true nature. Keep reading to learn more about the threats facing sharks and what we can do to address them.

Diving with Sand Tiger Sharks

You must dive with a sand tiger shark! This beautiful and interesting marine species is ready to be celebrated for Shark Awareness Day! Read on to learn more about this shark to help spread the word.

Room for Improvement: An Instructor Trainer’s Perspective

As dive professionals, it’s easy to get bogged down in the routine of class after class and dive after dive and slip into some less-than-ideal habits. In this article, we’re taking a step back to gain some perspective and ensure we’re setting the right example and instilling the right habits in our students. Let us know if any of the observations shared in this article resonate with you! 

Decompression Myths: Part 1

Whether you’re a new deco diver or a tech diving veteran, this article will help you reshape your understanding of the principles behind decompression theory and recognize common misconceptions you may encounter throughout your diving career. 

How to Pack and Travel with Dive Gear

Your trip is booked, accommodations secured, but now you have to figure out what dive gear essentials to bring and how to pack them! We’re here to help you pack exactly what you need for your trip, show you what to separate into carry-on vs. checked luggage, and what items are better left behind and rented onsite instead.

One Breath: The Mental and Physical Possibilities

In this article, learn how formal freediving training can open up a new way to experience the ocean and marine life. “Our advice for anyone who even has the slightest interest in freediving: Do it! It may seem scary and impossible, but with the right techniques and safety measures, you will surprise yourself with how far you can go!” Read the full story below! 

Create an Impact by Teaching Eco-Conscious Scuba Diving

Take your scuba diving business to the next level by implementing eco-conscious scuba diving practices and instruction. We’ll show you how to incorporate sustainable diving in your business plans and marketing efforts to protect our oceans and create positive change in the diving industry.

Picking a Dive Centre for your Family’s First Scuba Course

Do you know how to find the right dive center for your family’s first scuba course? Selecting the right dive center can make all the difference between a ‘never again’ holiday nightmare and a lifelong passion the whole family can share, and we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn what to look for, what to avoid, and what questions to ask to ensure you find the perfect dive center for you!

Into the Earth: My Journey to Full Cave Diver

Have you pursued a new discipline of diving to master a specific skillset rather than enjoy that type of diving for its own sake? In this article, Wes Kilgore is sharing how he pursued cave diving to build on his overhead environment skills in wrecks, but discovered there was a passionate cave diver within all along!