Bejegyzések tőle Allison Van Sickle

The Diktynna Project

The Diktynna Project is an environmental initiative designed to raise awareness of the growing presence of ghost nets in Cyprus and help train divers in ghost net removal techniques. This project launched on April 10th, 2022, and will pave the way for recurring ghost net removal dives in the area!⁠ Keep reading to learn about the inspiration behind the project and plans for its future from the hosting dive center, TD Diving. 

Breaking Down Your Buddy Checks

In this article, we’re explaining why the best rescue is the one you don’t need to perform. Mark Powell is here to show us that your role as a dive buddy is not to verify that your buddy’s equipment is okay, but to assume there is a problem and that it’s your job to find it. Keep reading to see how this small shift in approach can make a big difference!  

Drysuit Care and Maintenance

How well do you know your drysuit? Are you able to assess leaks and perform minor field repairs? If you’re new to drysuit diving or want to ensure the longevity of your drysuit through proper handling and care both above and below the water, then this article is for you!