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Into the Abyss

Caves are mysterious and wondrous places, they take tens of thousands of years to form and only divers with proper training should enter due to their risky nature. Follow along as Jeff Bozanic recalls his thoughts through cave diving.

Are You Ready for Your Next Course?

Do you think you’re ready for your next course? Have you taken the time to really think that through while comparing the new skills you’ll learn the skills you should already know? We’re guiding you through physical readiness and mental readiness to help you better determine if you’re truly ready for that next course.

A Message from Steph

Why does International Training standout over other training organizations? Two words, customer service. When it comes down to it, people want to do business with people, that’s why when you call headquarters you’ll always get a friendly voice on the other end who is also a trained dive professional to answer your questions or concerns.