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How to Become a Confident Diver: Learn Technical Diving

I’ve always loved diving, but I’ve never felt good at it. Mixed in with my awe at the beauty of the sea — the mantas, the sharks, even whales — has been a struggle with buoyancy, a struggle with trim, hyperventilation, and a constant fear of needing to call a dive because of any of the above. More than once I swore never to dive again. I’ve tried to power through it and I’ve tried to fake confidence; but in the end, it was technical diving that gave me the skills — and confidence — to really start enjoying my dives.

Drysuit Myths and Reality

Have you been thinking about trying about dry suit diving but you’ve been intimidated by all that goes into selecting a dry suit, the investment, and the maintenance? We’re here to bust five different myths about dry suits to ease your worry.

Plan Your Dive and Everything Else, too

Responding to a public safety call is no small job. There is much more planning that you might realize. All this must be done as quickly as possible. This is why we train, train, and train some more. Learn about the questions you should be able to answer before getting in the water for any call.

Consejos para llegar a los grifos de tu bibotella

No es un artículo que le contará ninguna manera o forma de cómo realizar un ejercicio de grifos. La forma en que gira esas perillas detrás de tu cabeza es para ti y solo tú decides, con suerte después de tener una discusión detallada con tu instructor sobre los diferentes enfoques. Las opiniones sobre cómo y por qué son fáciles de encontrar en Internet también.