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In-Store Certification Card Printing: A Tutorial

Are you considering a in-store card printer for your dive shop? Already have one that’s collecting dust? Learn how to use it now so you can give your customers the instant gratification they’re looking for. Because what student doesn’t want to walk out of the dive shop with a shiney new C-card right after finishing their dives? Spoiler Alert: Very few to none.

What I Learned From That

If we’re not constantly learning we remain stagnant and remaining stagnant means we don’t evolve. In the ever changing Public Safety field we should always be learning and staying up to date with current proccedures. We’re sharing stories of Public Safety teams out on the job and what they’re learning from the situations they’re called into.

When You May Need Stress Crisis Counseling

As public safety divers we see a lot of erie things… and we’re faced with many situations no would willingly put themselves into just for fun. How do we know when we’ve seen too much? Post Tramatic Stress doesn’t always come just from being put in a dangerous situation. It can come from seeing things that cannot be easily or ever be unseen. How do you know it’s time to get help?