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Scuba Fails

We asked you to send us your Scuba Fails, and this what you sent in…

Pre Dive Checklist

Tweet Before you enter the water, review your ABCs. A – Make sure your Air is on by inhaling from your primary second stage while looking at your pressure gauge. If the needle drops significantly when you inhale, it indicates that the valve is either closed or only partially opened. B – Next, make sure […]

The Non-Certified Divers

The origins of the recreational scuba industry can be found among a group of forward thinking individuals who brought standardized scuba training to the public.

3 Mistakes Most New and Veteran Divers Make

This article will discuss 3 mistakes that are common for new divers, how to avoid them, and how an experienced diver could easily end up making the same mistake.

Pre-Check before the Pre-Dive Checklist

Getting into the habit of going through a PRE pre-dive checklist well before the dive should be common practice for all divers, regardless of their training or experience level.