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Five Ways to Improve Your Shipwreck Videos

Before splashing in, always make a shot list—all the shots that you need for your video. Divide them up and decide what you can accomplish on that dive. Of course, this only works if you follow the shot list. Pre-planning like this is even more important with deep dives and short bottom times.

Health and Fitness Part 4

We could all lose 10 to 100 lbs and be far better off for it, but who cares? If you have the money and time to go diving, you should be able to dive anywhere you want right? I signed the waiver, I have the proper cert card that I successfully paid for, and so who are you to tell me that I cannot make this dive?

Dillon Waters

Dillon has a love for this sport that he can only show through introducing it to others and his two happiest places are underwater and in the classroom. Although Dillon enjoys all types of diving, his passion is Technical Diving and the way it continues to humble him, yet drives him to learn more. Whether he’s inside a cave or on a shipwreck, diving is his true love.

Kate Heller

I’m originally from the Chicago area in Illinois and graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Spanish and a minor in Scuba diving.  I earned my Open Water certification in 2013 and my passion for diving has grown ever since.  Once I graduated college I started working at DJ’s Scuba Locker Inc. where my career took off and I was able to explore areas of diving that initially I didn’t know were a possibility.

Diving Florida

With more than 1,300 miles of coastline and a wealth of inland springs, the State of Florida provides a lifetime of diving adventures. In fact, there are few other places in the world where so much diving diversity exists in one place. Join us as we explore the top diving sites in the State of Florida.

How To Deal With Panic

We have all been there. Things are going great. You move just a little too quickly or do not take that extra moment to ease your mind and suddenly everything goes wrong. You find yourself trying to cope with a mental barrage of confusion. These moments can be horrifying and, in certain cases, they can have deadly results. Panic is a topic that we all discuss and every instructor wonders about.