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Health and Fitness Pt. 7

Diving in and of itself is an inherently dangerous sport. However, for Public Safety Divers that danger is multiplied exponentially due to the environment in which we dive in, the specialized equipment we use, and the stress of the actual reason we are diving to begin with.

“Stop making stupid mistakes. If only they’d follow the rules”

For those who have just had a mental response of ‘How stupid was it that they would use cells that old?’, ‘Darwin Award winner’ or similar, you have just demonstrated some of the mental biases and shortcuts (heuristics) which are part of the way our brain is wired for efficiency. These mental shortcuts are how we deal with the complex and ambiguous world we live in, and we do this all the time. Most of the time it doesn’t matter, sometimes it is critical.

Cave Destinations

So, you’ve finished your cave class in North Florida and want to check out different locations. You’ve heard that Mexico has some amazing caves but is that really it? Just Northern Florida and Mexico?

5 Equipment tips for new divers

More often than not, new scuba students have no idea what their first set of gear should cost. The best answer doesn’t have as much a monetary answer as it does getting the gear you need to make your first experience one worth continuing in scuba.


Technical diving may involve extended bottom times, perhaps at relatively deep depths, with additional time spent underwater during mandatory decompression stops. Sometimes a diver will be able to meet his gas supply requirements with a single high-capacity cylinder, though more frequently he/she will opt for double cylinders.