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What’s It Like To Be An ERDI Supervisor?

Well, the short answer is it’s the beginning of professional leadership level in public safety diving. Perhaps comparable to the divemaster level for recreational diving. The reality is, however, that it is much more than that. It’s much more than being a dive leader or having excellent dive skills. Let’s look at being an ERDI […]


DDRC and SDI are proud to announce that DDRC will now be able to offer SDI certification for CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Admin and AED training courses. The combination of these two organisations means that divers will be able to receive training from the UK’s leading hyperbaric research and treatment charity, while receiving certification from […]

What it Takes to Lead a Technical Diving Team

One of the most interesting dynamics of technical diving, both during its planning and execution, revolves around the issue of leadership. It’s not simply a question of who leads and who follows, but a much more complex balancing act between responsibilities, experience, team composition and dive goals. And since technical diving is recognized as a […]

Think Like a Divemaster

The Divemaster (DM) is the individual primarily responsible for supervising the activities of certified divers, both above and below the water. People often wonder how DMs lead divers around the reefs and wrecks without getting lost or worse, leaving someone behind. After surveying a group of Divemasters, we found the top five points DMs agreed […]

Divemaster – The Best Job in the World

You know you made the right career path when “down time” at work consists of snorkeling with dolphins during an hour long surface interval with your customers… There is no doubt that Divemasters (DM) are known to have the ultimate job; they hold the ticket to traveling around the world working at different dive destinations. […]

Divemaster – Roll Call and One Diver Short

It’s every dive professional’s worst nightmare: you come up from a great dive and it’s all smiles until you realize someone is missing. The initial sinking feeling in your gut is almost indescribable, but it’s important to keep a cool head and follow the proper procedures in order to ensure the best possible outcome in […]

SDI/TDI/ERDI Welcomes Linda Seder to the Team

Linda Seder joined the TDI staff in February, 2013. She brings with her a 30+ year career in Office Management and Accounting. Raised in Buffalo, NY, Linda moved to Pompano Beach, FL in 1973, where her career began as an assistant to the Regional Controller of Waste Management, Inc. In 1982, ready to start their […]