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Aquaworld Creates a World of Opportunity…

    For SDI & TDI Members Visiting Mexico’s HOT ADVENTURE  SPOTS! In an on-going effort to present as many diving adventure opportunities to its members as possible, Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Technical Diving International (TDI) are proud to announce the launch of a NEW working relationship with one of Mexico’s premier adventure operations: […]

Business Shortcuts vs Cutting Corners: the good and the evil

  First off, let’s establish that there is nothing wrong at all and everything right with working smart, and with developing shortcuts to help make a business more profitable. There are consultants driving around in luxury German automobiles and living in exclusive zip codes, who have made their money from teaching people how to streamline […]

Lost or Forgotten C-Card… Here’s the Scoop

Oh no… It’s the night before your next dive and you can’t find your c-card or even worse… You arrived at the dive site or dive boat and you can’t find your c-card for check-in. First things first, don’t panic! We have a solution. Don’t cancel your dive. Read this article to learn more about how our digital c-cards can save the day.

Training …Loss Leader or Revenue Stream

  Your attitude and how you approach this statement will tell you much about your future and probably your agency affiliation! I was having brunch with a friend and a business associate of his a couple of Sunday’s back and the conversation turned to dive travel and dive training. My buddy’s friend found out I […]

Discover Scuba Program – Is it a Loss Leader?

  Whether your shop promotes the Scuba Discovery, Discover Scuba or Try Scuba Diving – Passport Diving Program, the concept and goals are essentially the same. These are inexpensive introductory programs intended to generate new divers and hopefully long-term customers. While not an actual scuba certification, these programs are designed to offer the individual an experience […]

Headaches and SCUBA Diving

Diving headaches have spoiled many dive trips. As there are different causes associated with headaches and diving, it can be as simple as a mask squeeze, an excessive constriction around the neck by thermal protection, a dental issue, cold water around an inadequately insulated head, or saltwater aspiration.

Yet another advantage of being an International Training member.

Professional level members of Scuba Diving International™ Technical Diving International™ and Emergency Response Diving International™ can now enjoy the very best pricing on the very best safety products and supplies from WNL Safety Products of Massachusetts. These supplies include a full inventory of items to run effective CPROX1st AED programs (among others) as well as […]

Effective Business Management is about balance

  I was asked yesterday to give some thought to exactly what it takes to run a successful retail operation. Any retail operation, even a candy store at the main gates of the largest public school in the state, takes a special mix of skills, but I have to think that running a retail store […]