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Alan Cale

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The Recipe for the Perfect Dive

When you think about diving or try to explain diving to a non-diver cooking might not be the first comparison that comes to mind. However, we’ve crafted up the recipe you’ll need for the perfect dive. Go from prep to underwater with these six recipe cards.
December 1, 2020/by Brittany Bozik

Meme-be you are the Problem

Attention scuba industry keyboard heroes, aka social media trolls. Okay, yeah that’s a bit harsh, but we need to take a moment to address something we’ve noticed on social media lately. The truth is we can all be better, and none of us are perfect divers every moment of every dive. So why do we act like it when another diver posts photos or videos online?
October 7, 2020/by Brittany Bozik

Taking an ERDI course with prior experience

Do you work on a public safety team? Have you considered ERDI training but are unsure it’s worth it? An ITI Headquarters staff member with prior public-safety dive team experience just went through the ERD I course. He now shares his thoughts on the course and how it can help ALL members of a public safety team.
July 16, 2019/by Brittany Bozik

“I just received a kit that I didn’t order”

From time to time our Training and Membership Services team gets a call from a confused dealer. They have just gotten a package they didn't order and want to make sure they aren't being charged for it at full retail price to boot! We're clearing up why this happens and hopefully calming your nerves while we're at it.
March 21, 2019/by Brittany Bozik

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Alan is a graduate of Western Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in general studies and a minor in Scuba Diving and is working on his Master’s in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration. He became a Divemaster through the WIU Scuba program and has assisted many students learning to dive and how to improve on skills as they progressed through the program. Alan has been diving since 2007 and started diving for the McDonough County Sheriff’s Department Dive Rescue Team shortly after completing his Open Water Certification. The team would later reform as the Western Illinois Dive Rescue and Underwater Recovery Team and Alan would become one of the Assistant Commanders for the team. Alan has served in the Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer from 2005 to 2019.  Alan now dives for Code 3 Divers since moving to Florida.

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