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Cris Merz

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Cris joined International Training in 2006 and currently conducts the team of Regional Managers in North America dedicated to ensuring our members are kept up to date, introduced to our new products, changes and advances with the company and expanding new business.  While not managing the sales team, Cris’ department overviews business development in the Caribbean, Central and most of South America.  Cris still gets underwater as much as he can now that the office moved to Florida and splits his time cycling when he is not diving around the coast of Florida or wherever life takes him

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How To Sell During Quarantine

How to Sell During Quarantine

Times are tough. Here are some ideas on how you can get through quarantine and make sure you come out of it with customers who are ready to hit the water.
April 15, 2020/by Michael Villafranco

Reasons Scuba Diving is the Perfect Activity for Couples

It doesn’t matter if your relationship is new or old, going great or sorting through some ups-and-downs, scuba diving will strengthen your relationship in ways that a week of bingeing Better Call Saul won’t be able to do.   Increasing your communication with your partner, enjoying planning an activity together, finding the benefits of problem solving as a couple, having fun doing what few people do regularly, and then sharing that fun is a great way to spend time on a Valentine’s Day weekend, honeymoon, or any time you want to spice up your lives as a couple.
January 29, 2018/by tdisdiHQ
Where do i buy dive gear

Where do I buy dive gear?

People are fans of shopping online and it isn’t just the “younger” generation. Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers have just as many online purchases as Gen Y or Millennials. As a matter of fact, 96% of Americans with internet access have made an online purchase in their life, 80% in the past month alone. This past Cyber Monday was the first $2 billion mobile shopping day in the U.S. Around 81 million Americans shopped online that day.  And why shouldn’t people buy online?  Some of the most common reasons have been repeated over and over again in surveys and data research explaining the continuous boom of online sales. Here are some that stick out.
January 29, 2018/by tdisdiHQ

The Importance of Sharks in Our Ocean – more than just Awesomeness

We get it, sharks are scary man-eating animals. Life would be easier and safer if they weren't around right? Wrong. Sharks are a very important piece of our ecosystem and the absence of them would do much more harm than it would good.
June 28, 2017/by brittany hadfield

That is the Last Straw

Have you seen the #StopSucking campaigns going around social media lately? Wondering what they're all about? And why straws are so bad anyways? As always, we're here to help and fill you in on the details.
June 28, 2017/by brittany hadfield

Scuba Diving in Grand Cayman – A Diver’s Paradise.

Looking for your next dive destination? How about Grand Cayman? Looking for shore diving, check. Reef diving, check! Wreck diving, Check! This place has it all and a trpoical desitation perfect for your next relaxing getaway.
May 1, 2017/by brittany hadfield

You’re Fired…

We've all been there... struggling to please a customer who's always trying to swindle you into a deal that's good for them but not so great for you. Or the ones who no matter how far you go out of your way, will just never be happy. It might be time for you to fire your customer...
April 24, 2017/by brittany hadfield

Selling Training Online

Did you know you can get credit for your customer's e-learning courses? Now you do! And you most definitely should be doing this. We're walking you through exactly how to do it so you can get the credit for all your courses.
March 30, 2017/by brittany hadfield

Haenyeo : The last of the greatest generation of women divers.

Though the tradition of free diving in Jeju dates back to 430AD, it wasn’t until the 18th century that women became the dominant force in the free diving trade.
January 3, 2017/by tdisdiHQ

Cris Merz

December 21, 2016/by tdisdiHQ
How to win at retail

How to “WIN” at Retail and Visual Merchandising

Today, consumers like shopping online, it isn’t your fault – it is the way we do things now. However, what we can do is to learn how to make our store warmer, friendlier and more appealing than our competitors. Here are a few tips that can help you as a retailer improve.
November 21, 2016/by tdisdiHQ
Adding Value

Stop Discounting, Add Value

While most retailers think that by making things cheaper they will be able to close the sale easier because people focus a lot on cost, well, that’s just lazy selling.
October 24, 2016/by tdisdiHQ

The TDI Tech Divemaster – What is it & why do it?

Technical diving offers new challenges with advanced levels of planning, gear configuration, and of course training.
October 4, 2016/by tdisdiHQ

Do What You Love as a Career

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C. S. Lewis
August 31, 2016/by jamescouncill

What is YOUR favorite Dive Site?

I was asked to put down a list of the top ten destinations in the Caribbean according to Yelp and decided against it. You can “Yelp” it yourself.
August 3, 2016/by jamescouncill

Do You Tip Your Flight Attendant?

Tipping can be a delicate topic that people tend to awkwardly dance around at times.
June 29, 2016/by jamescouncill

Why Did I Open My Big Mouth?

Aquaworld was celebrating their 30th anniversary and decided that they would host a bash that included a 12k and a 6k race in the hotel zone of Cancun on the 8th of May. Now pay attention to that date because it’s important.
June 1, 2016/by jamescouncill

What to Look for in a Local Dive Shop?

Finding a great dive center is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either and if you find these three elements, you are on the right path.
March 2, 2016/by jamescouncill

Which Specialties Make Sense for Me?

You may already have the answer to the direction you want to take, but if you don’t, here are a few tips to assist you.
March 2, 2016/by jamescouncill

5 Tips for a Safe and Fun Night Dive

Diving at night is diving in another world and it should not be taken lightly… even if you have dove the same site, time after time during the day, doing so at night will bring you to a new world, with new shadows and new life.
September 2, 2015/by jamescouncill

3 Reasons Your Mask Leaks

Three topics will be covered that may assist a diver with mask leakage issues: hair, mask size, and mask quality.
January 6, 2015/by jamescouncill

3 Conversation Starters Among Scuba Divers

What makes for good fun conversation over a cold beverage after a day of diving?
November 13, 2014/by jamescouncill

3 Tips for Diving Nitrox Safely

The best way to prepare and plan is to follow three core tips when diving Nitrox. 1. Analyze 2. Label 3. Set Computer
November 12, 2014/by jamescouncill

Amazing Underwater Encounters

View some of our amazing underwater encounters, and send us yours too!
September 2, 2014/by jamescouncill

Open Water Certified, Now What?

There is so much out there with continuing education, sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to choose what the next steps should be. A lot of it may also depend on the region you live in and what your local dives may entail. The bottom line is… the adventure has just started.
April 9, 2014/by tdisdiHQ

Nitrox – When to Dive It

by Cris Merz:

The fantastic stories about voodoo gas seem…
March 13, 2014/by tdisdiHQ

Media Luna Hotel y Resort Looking for an ADVENTURE OFF the beaten path?

Recently, La Media Luna Facilities joined the growing ranks of…
July 26, 2011/by tdisdiHQ

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