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Dillon Waters

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How to Choose a Training Agency as a Dive Shop

Choosing a training agency for your dive shop isn't a choice you should take lightly. Afterall this is the company you are representing and ultimately vouching for. We're explaining five things you should think about when deciding who you should go with.
August 20, 2018/by admin

How to Assemble a Backplate and Continuous Weave Harness

The assembly of a backplate and a continuous weave harness is a skill that many experienced divers have perfected throughout years of diving, helping them to understand the details and layout of the dive gear they are depending on.
January 3, 2018/by admin


Technical diving may involve extended bottom times, perhaps at relatively deep depths, with additional time spent underwater during mandatory decompression stops. Sometimes a diver will be able to meet his gas supply requirements with a single high-capacity cylinder, though more frequently he/she will opt for double cylinders.
January 3, 2018/by admin

How to Build a Diving First Aid Kit

Whether you are new to the sport or you’ve been instructing divers for years, a first aid kit is something every diver should have on their packing list for each dive.
November 7, 2017/by admin

How to Attach a Bolt Snap to Dive Equipment

Bolt snaps are used in a variety of ways with technical gear configurations, and attaching one to their scuba gear is something most divers will need to do at some time or another. Whether you just purchased a new regulator set that needs a bolt snap on the primary regulator and SPG or you are replacing an old clip on a dive light, you need to know how to attach the new snap correctly.
October 11, 2017/by admin

Keeping Your Ears Safe While Diving: Ear Equalization Basics

New to diving? Do you know all the ways to equalize your ears on your decent? Spoiler Alert: There are more than just a few! Read on to learn all the ways to equalize your ears so you're prepared to use one of these methods on your next dive.
July 31, 2017/by admin

I Don’t Have my C-Card and I’m at the Airport (Here’s what to do)

You've planned the trip, you've packed your bags, and you're at the airport. Shoot! You just realized you forgot one of the most important things you need for a dive trip, your c-card! Do you know what to do?
February 28, 2017/by admin

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About Dillon

Dillon is a graduate of East Carolina University’s Education Department with teaching credentials. His scuba career began with a university scuba course he took as a way to fill his credit hour requirements, but after the first day of class the first thing he said after emerging from the water was “I want to be an instructor one day” and from then on he never looked back. Spending the first half of his diving career on the deep shipwrecks of the Graveyard of the Atlantic, he has a love for the ocean and conservation, which he shows through his non-profit work on artificial reefs in NC.

Dillon has a love for this sport that he can only show through introducing it to others and his two happiest places are underwater and in the classroom. Although Dillon enjoys all types of diving, his passion is Technical Diving and the way it continues to humble him, yet drives him to learn more. Whether he’s inside a cave or on a shipwreck, diving is his true love.

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