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Dillon Waters

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Dillon is a graduate of East Carolina University’s Education Department with teaching credentials. His scuba career began with a university scuba course he took as a way to fill his credit hour requirements, but after the first day of class the first thing he said after emerging from the water was “I want to be an instructor one day” and from then on he never looked back. Spending the first half of his diving career on the deep shipwrecks of the Graveyard of the Atlantic, he has a love for the ocean and conservation, which he shows through his non-profit work on artificial reefs in NC.

Dillon has a love for this sport that he can only show through introducing it to others and his two happiest places are underwater and in the classroom. Although Dillon enjoys all types of diving, his passion is Technical Diving and the way it continues to humble him, yet drives him to learn more. Whether he’s inside a cave or on a shipwreck, diving is his true love.

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