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Edward Kelleher

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North East USA Tech Diving Pro Tips

North East Scuba Diving Pro Tips

Diving in the North Eastern part of the United States, specifically in New York and New Jersey, isn’t your average day of diving. While some of the tips on this list are universal to most diving locations or scenarios, a lot of these items are location specific. So if you’re thinking about taking a trip to the North East, this one is for you.
септембар 9, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero

To Reel or Not to Reel

We all have feelings about reels, right? It can’t be just us… This month we have a special poem about our frenemy — the scuba reel. We hope it gives you a good chuckle like it did for us.
август 12, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero

Nine Things 2020 Taught Us

Throughout 2020 we all learned a lot… be it how to make a loaf of delicious banana bread or just how to simply get creative during quarantine. One of our regular contributors, Edward Kelleher, is sharing his top ten most valuable lessons he learned in 2020.
август 11, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero

That one time we salvaged a toilet for no reason…

It seems like almost every diver out there has that one story… But these divers have a particularly unique one, involving a wreck and a toilet. These divers didn’t descend looking for their treasure, but once one of them saw it and suggested salvaging it, it was all over.
август 6, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero

8 Ways to Always Stay Connected to Diving

Do you love scuba diving? It’s an easy-to-love activity. There’s always something new to see or learn. Want to always stay connected to diving? We’ve got some ideas!
јун 7, 2021/by

That Time I Thought I Wanted to Tech Dive

There might be plenty of people out there persuading you to start tech diving. Researching is the first step… think more about what goes into being a tech diver. Some of the realities that come along with being a tech diver. That is exactly what this article intends to do, make you think about taking the next step forward.
децембар 9, 2020/by admin

Don’t Forget Your Roots

We see it all the time… divers who’ve been around the block a few dozen times with egos bigger than the ocean they dive. In this article, you’ll be reminded why it’s important to remember where you came from. Why you should never stop learning and recognize that we’re all on our own journeys in scuba diving.
октобар 30, 2020/by admin

9 Reasons Tech Gear is Rec Gear

As a diver, just like there’s a world of possibilities of where to dive, there is also a world of possibilities on the gear you use. Sport divers often start out with a basic equipment setup and upgrade things as they go. There’s nothing wrong with that line of thinking, but have you ever thought about starting off with gear that will grow WITH you?
октобар 7, 2020/by admin

10 Things I’ve Learned as a North East Diver

One of the most important things in diving is being able to evolve and grow as a diver. These ten simple things can help you to become a better diver, whether you’re diving in the North East or anywhere else for that matter.
фебруар 4, 2020/by admin

Why dive New Jersey? It Sucks.

Diving New Jersey sucks. There’s nothing but historic wrecks to play on, fish to shoot, lobster to be hunted, beautiful cold-water anemones, soft corals, eels, and artifacts to be found. It’s terrible. Learn more about some of the hidden gems in New Jersey!
новембар 8, 2019/by admin

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Ed Kelleher is a Jersey boy born and raised. While he has dove the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii, he still finds New Jersey wreck diving to be the most exciting. Ed is a SDI Instructor, hunter, blogger, and mentor just to name a few.

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