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Heather McCloskey

About Heather

Heather’s favorite place to be is in the water, no matter what kind of water it is or where it is. Originally from California, she’s lived in Mexico, North Carolina, and now Florida. She started her career as a broadcast news producer before moving into marketing. When she’s not diving or working she’s most likely hanging out with her adorable rescue dog, Dolly.

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7 Ways to stay warmer this winter in your wetsuit

7 ways to stay warmer this winter in your wetsuit

Today’s post is dedicated to those of us who live in regions with milder climates where owning a drysuit is not common or mandatory and are perhaps suffering a bit this time of year. It’s also for those of us who dive multiple times a week and need to ensure they stay warm no matter what.  So, without further ado, here’s how to stay warmer while diving in a wetsuit.
јануар 6, 2022/by Heather McCloskey
Six values to live and dive by

6 Values to Live and Dive By

These values extend so much further than just diving. These values can be applied to many different aspects of life. Being a well rounded, respectable diver will pay off in much larger experiences and even a clearer mindset.
септембар 9, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero
All the reasons you should proudly pee in your wetsuit

All the reasons you should (proudly) pee in your wetsuit

The debate between peeing in wetsuits... There are two sides to this debate and we find that you’re either on one side or the other with no middle ground. This article aims to break down the stigma associated with peeing in your wetsuit so that you are more comfortable relieving yourself when needed.
август 11, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero

Everything You Should Know About diving & Breast Implants

Female divers, this one is for you! Have you ever considered getting breast implants but were too worried about not being able to dive with them? We’re exploring this topic in detail, from everything you should consider before committing to surgery to the steps you should take after you’re cleared to get back in the water.
август 4, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero

Sidemount: Not just for technical divers

This configuration started as a way for dry cavers to cross water sumps now holds the hearts of many cave divers and non-cave divers alike. There are many reasons to love it, but don’t let sidemount diving intimidate you as a recreational diver. Some instructors would say that taking a sidemount course could completely change the way you dive.
август 4, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero
How to Select Snorkeling Equipment

How to select snorkeling equipment

Are you ready to get your own snorkel equipment? This helpful article will help you narrow down what you need and how to pick the right option for you. Snorkeling with the wrong or improperly fitting equipment will hinder your experience, no doubt about it. Get your equipment right by knowing before you go.
август 4, 2021/by Adolfo Ruiz Cantero

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