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What set the hook? Growing up I would go to the beach and watched divers in and out of the water and wished it was me out there. The divers? always friendly and talked with me. Then watching documentaries on SCUBA diving with Jacques-Coustea, I wanted to try it out. Snorkeling was great but to go down beneath the surface into the great big drink, I was hooked. Being able to breathe below the surface was the way to go. I couldn’t wait to get certified and learn to dive and expand my diving education.. In a world where life has a tendency to be stressful, I found scuba diving to be the solution of my high stress life. SCUBA diving is an amazing experience where you can browse through the rocky coral reefs and watch the sea life blend into surroundings. It makes them seem as if they are part of the picture in a fantasy world rather than living creatures and each dive is a different experience. Who knew there could be so many adventures so close to home???

So I quickly made the decision to become an instructor to share these experiences with anyone willing to take the opportunity to enlighten their lives, one dive at a time.

Certifications: Instructor Ratings: SDI Instructor Trainer, Extended Range Instructor, Rebreather Instructor, Gas blending Instructor PADI Master Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, Tec Instructor, Sidemount & many various specialties.

Goals: Since I have been an active instructor teaching, the world, this life has changed. From the clear reefs of Cozumel, the aquatic life of Bonaire, the mysteries of Papua New Guinea or the classroom swimming pool, my life changed when I began diving. The adventures continue with every student and new dive site experience. My only goal is that you meet our Signature Family, enjoy the quality of life and training to be enriched and make new memories with us.

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