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Solving Difficult Problems far Below the Surface

How do you handle emergencies? Do you start before there could ever be one by practicing foundational skills? Do you hope for the best and dive without worry? If the latter is you, you might fall prey to the “incident pit” faster than others.
5 februarja, 2019/by admin

Incident Report: CO2 Hit in a Cave

Do you always plan for the worst and hope for the best? In tech diving, we talk extensively about dive planning and redundancy, but do you truly live by it? What happens when you’re in a cave and something goes wrong? Read along with this incident report to see how one guide handled a CO2 hit in a cave.
10 julija, 2018/by admin

Cave Diving Etiquette

Cave diving is one of the most beloved forms of technical diving; there is no doubt about it. Where there is passion, there is sure to be strong difference in opinion. While we all may do things a bit differently, let’s take a look at some ways we can work together to add a bit more courtesy and safety to our cave dives.
7 marca, 2018/by admin

How Long Should My No Fly Time Last After My Dive?

As divers, you have all seen the little airplane icon on your dive computer with a countdown timer next to it. Understanding where that number comes from and how to use it to plan your trips is important to avoid missing dives, or worse, having to miss your flight back home!
24 avgusta, 2017/by admin

How Long Does it Take to Become a Certified Diver

Want to get certified but don't know where to start? Scuba diving is a really awesome experience when you're trained correctly. It's easy to walk into any dive shop and sign up for a class but how will you know if it's the right shop for you? What should you expect or be looking for? You've got questions and we've got answers.
28 junija, 2017/by admin

How a Solid Foundation Improves Communication & Teamwork

It might sound obvious but building a solid foundation in diving is key to any and all diver's success. It keeps us safe and allows communicate effectively with our dive buddies. It's worth it to make sure your basic skills are as perfect as they can be so you can continue to advance with every new certification.
10 aprila, 2017/by admin

Instructor Evaluation Slates, What Are They For?

Do you know why slates are so important in diving? Why should we even care about them? What they are for and why you should ALWAYS have one with you on every dive?
30 marca, 2017/by admin

How long does it take to become a GREAT dive instructor?

Thinking of becoming an instructor? We're getting into what it really takes to become a GREAT instructor. It beyond the certification, being a great instructor takes time and effort.
28 februarja, 2017/by admin

Don’t Get Caught in the Lines

Cave divers rely on their equipment, skills and a calm state of mind to ensure a safe exit from a cave. These three items are all interconnected and directly relate to every aspect of cave diving.
4 novembra, 2016/by Rob O'Goodenow

Sidemount Diving in a Technical World

While many will argue sidemount diving is a trend or a fad, the fact is it is an extremely valuable tool for certain diving applications.
7 septembra, 2016/by admin

TDI Equivalent Ratings with Other Scuba Diving Agencies

The goal of posting that equivalency chart was to provide a resource for divers and dive professionals to help navigate the web of diver certifications.
9 avgusta, 2016/by admin

Are You Ready to Become a TDI Instructor Trainer?

TDI Instructor Trainers (IT) are viewed in the industry as the most knowledgeable, experienced, and talented dive educators. They are considered the top of the top or the crème of the crop.
6 julija, 2016/by admin

Fear and Loathing on the Internet 20 Years Later

The article titled, “Fear and Loathing on the Internet” that inspired this blog entry was written by one of the founders of TDI, Brett Gilliam, to announce Mr. Irvine’s expulsion from TDI.
6 julija, 2016/by admin

Why are Prerequisites Important in Technical Diver Training?

Prerequisites can be found in the Standards and Procedures for any course you are interested in taking.
10 maja, 2016/by admin

SDI Advanced Adventure – What Does it Qualify Me to Do?

What do you “get” out of the Advanced Adventure course other than a better idea about where you want to focus attention? Well...
5 aprila, 2016/by admin

How to Deal with Divers Who Have a Bad Attitude

My student can do all of the skills but something just doesn’t seem right.
30 marca, 2016/by admin

Just How Simple are Rebreathers?

Because of your responses, we felt it important to put our previous article into context.
9 marca, 2016/by admin

What’s New in Technical Diving for 2016?

Each year the world of technical diving seems to progress leaps and bounds. There is always a lot to keep up with between equipment advances, exploration projects, new educational programs, physiological and scientific research studies, and more.
10 februarja, 2016/by admin

SDI vs. TDI vs. ERDI – What’s the difference in the diving courses?

We get questioned a lot on what the difference is between SDI, TDI and ERDI courses, so we decided to put it out there where it’s easy for everyone to find when they start doing research.
11 novembra, 2015/by admin

The P-Valve Struggle

First things first, if you don’t know exactly what a P-valve is, it’s pretty basic. Essentially, it’s a tube that has a valve on one end that vents to the outside of your dry suit that allows liquids to pass from the inside of the suit to the outside. Want to know more about the ins and outs of P-valves and our tips to make the process go smoother? We got you.
12 maja, 2015/by admin

Are You Ready for Trimix? – Students VS. Instructor Perspective

Two unique perspectives on preparing for the TDI Trimix Course.
13 aprila, 2015/by admin

Technical Diving Resources

TDI has composed a resource guide for any active technical diver, or anyone who is interested in beginning their technical diver training.
10 februarja, 2015/by admin

3 Ways to Improve Your Air Consumption

How does everyone else stay down so much longer than me? Learn these three easy ways to improve your air consumption.
15 oktobra, 2014/by admin

The Secret Sauce for Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Deployment

This article focuses on one specific aspect of deploying an SMB: methods for inflating the SMB.
10 septembra, 2014/by admin

Survivor or Statistic… Which One are You?

Knowing that we are going to have some sort of equipment malfunctions, environmental/navigation emergencies, and will just simply make mistakes at some point in our technical diving careers, how do we avoid becoming a diving fatality statistic?
13 avgusta, 2014/by Rob O'Goodenow

3 Mistakes Most New and Veteran Divers Make

This article will discuss 3 mistakes that are common for new divers, how to avoid them, and how an experienced diver could easily end up making the same mistake..
4 avgusta, 2014/by Rob O'Goodenow

6 Skills Every Technical Diver Should Master

Whether you are just starting your TDI Intro to Tech Course, or have over 200 Advanced Trimix dives, these six essential skills should be practiced on every dive.
15 julija, 2014/by Rob O'Goodenow

Diving from #MyBuddysBoat

As divers, it’s hard to imagine a better summer day than hanging out on your buddy’s boat, doing a little diving, maybe a little fishing, and just relaxing enjoying the sunshine. When all goes well, it’s the perfect way to spend a day out of the office, but what about when it hits the fan?
1 julija, 2014/by Rob O'Goodenow

Is Technical Diving for You?

Don’t knock it ‘til ya try it, right? Well, this also works the other way around when we’re deciding whether to pursue technical diving. Technical diving takes a specific mindset, skill level, and a substantial investment of both time and money; are you willing and able to meet these requirements? If you are unsure, there’s an option available to help you make up your mind before you fully commit yourself.
17 aprila, 2014/by Rob O'Goodenow

Choosing the Best Decompression Gas

By Jon Kieren

There are many factors that need to be considered…
20 marca, 2014/by Rob O'Goodenow

Don’t Trust Your Gas Blender – Analyze Every Tank

by Jon Kieren

People make mistakes, it’s human nature.…
12 marca, 2014/by Rob O'Goodenow

Diving Etiquette – don’t be “that guy” (or gal)

8 oktobra, 2013/by Rob O'Goodenow

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