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The Horrors of Improper Tech Diving and How They Could Have Been Avoided

Does the thought of tech diving scare you? What are the aspects that concern you the most? Let’s take a look at some of the obstacles one may face in this type of diving as well as how to overcome them and why tech diving is totally worth it!
March 7, 2018/by Brittany Bozik

Fitness and Diving on the Technical Side

How do diving and fitness relate? Think about your buoyancy, is it harder or easier to control when you're lighter or heavier? When you're wearing your dive gear and a heavier set weight it's going to make it tougher for you to carry because you'll likely be out of breath much faster.
July 13, 2017/by brittany hadfield

Can YOU Really Make a Living Being a Public Safety Diver?

Most of the time, it seems that the only pay off they do receive for recovering a weapon or someone’s child, is to be informed that they have no clue what they are doing
April 19, 2016/by jamescouncill

Staying Mentally and Physically Fit for Public Safety Diving

So which is more important? You have to decide for yourself. Getting all of the training in the world will not help an individual who simply cannot perform the tasks under stress and does not have their head in the game.
September 16, 2015/by jamescouncill

Keep Your Cool: What to Do in a Dive Emergency

For all of you out there who believe that knowing CPR and going through a three day rescue course has you prepared to face some of the horrible things that could go wrong in scuba diving, you are incorrect.
July 7, 2015/by jamescouncill

4 Common Sense Rules You Can Apply to Wreck Diving

Wreck diving has always been a popular activity. There are a few things to consider prior to entering a wreck in order to stay as safe as possible.
June 10, 2015/by jamescouncill

Not All Tech Divers Are A**holes

The dive industry is just like any other: there are complete and utter a**holes that you will have to deal with.
January 14, 2015/by jamescouncill

Dive Back in the Water

by Joshua Norris:

At any given point throughout the day,…
April 9, 2014/by tdisdiHQ

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